Monday, December 22, 2008


Elyria – A trip from Strongsville to Elyria to enjoy an evening with his family celebrating Christmas a couple days early was going well for Tom Conn – well, right up until the end of the night.

Conn said that all evening he had his car parked in his mother’s driveway on Longford, just south of Poplar Street. “I went out to move my car because I had my brother blocked in – so when I backed out I just left my car parked on the street and then went back inside for a few minutes.” Shortly after Conn got back inside of the house he heard a loud crashing noise. “I had a real bad feeling as soon as I heard the noise.”

When Conn went outside he quickly saw that a truck had smashed into his car.

The truck had been traveling south on Longford when the driver lost control and struck Conn’s car. The impact spun Conn’s car around causing heavy damage to the front end and sent the truck up into a yard.

Just after the crash the occupants all exited and neighbors watched as two girls left the scene and heading for Poplar. An Elyria Police Officer heading to the crash found the two girls as they were trying to make their way to a home on Sherwood – he brought them back to the scene to allow witnesses identify them. Other witnesses identified two males who were also in the truck at the time of the crash – one of them was identified as the driver.

No injuries were reported.

Conn said that he had just purchased the car two weeks ago and had just put 1,000 miles on it – and now this. “This certainly isn’t what I wanted for Christmas, but everybody is ok so I am not going to let this put a damper on my holidays.”



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