Saturday, January 12, 2008


Elyria – For those of you who missed Friday night’s “Playing for Keeps” at the St. John Lutheran Church in Elyria, presented by Superior Cage Fighting, you missed a night of fast paced action. The fights started a little late as promoters worked to accommodate the overflow crowd. Once the fights started the standing room only crowd were treated to fighters, both local and from out of the area, battle it out in the cage.

If last nights event’s success is measured on fan response and enthusiasm, then last night would be considered an overwhelming success as the roar of the crowd at times were deafening. A number of Gold Card members were even spotted in the audience enjoying the fights.

To see photos from the fights: CLICK HERE

WARNING: The photos from the fight are graphic and to some might be disturbing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad. You cover this barbaric event and have NOTHING on the POSITIVE in Elyria with the opening of the John A. Howard Municipal Court!
Typical Media display.

4:42 PM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

Dear Anonymous,
Allow me to set a few things straight for you. I would address you by name but apparently for some reason you chose not to include it. If you were to review the “In the Community” section of TMCNEWS.NET you would see that we cover MANY positive stories throughout Lorain County. We also give extensive photo coverage to those events as well. In most of those cases the organizers of the events have contacted us to inform us of the event and extended an invitation. That was not the case with the dedication of the municipal court building. Had someone sent us release or invitation we certainly would have covered it.

I usually do not respond like this to postings on here but I truly believe that TMCNEWS.NET has done a tremendous amount of positive stories highlighting many people and events in our community, even though the hit counts on those stories are nowhere near as high as breaking news stories. I can only guess that you either aren’t a frequent visitor to this site or you just don’t care and only picked out this one miss and chose to leave an anonymous shot.

Since you feel that TMCNEWS.NET has failed in covering positive events in your area maybe you shouldn’t log on to the site anymore so you won’t be exposed to our barbaric stories.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I do review this site often, and to some degree agree with the anonymous post, TMC news has brought a great deal of positive stories to the area and to the web.
TMC this is a public site and to reprimand a poster isnt what this site is about. Isnt that the reason that some post w/o a name?
Yes, this is your site and you are welcome to do as you please with it, I think it was unfair to that poster.
I think that poster was harsh and could have posted with a little more respect to what thsi site does.

I do know that the dedication was public and the Journal and the CT were both there and there was plenty of pre dedication announcements.


6:00 PM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

What part of the anonymous posters comment do you agree with? You said, “to some degree I agree”.

As far as the CT & MJ having plenty of pre-dedication announcements – does that mean that is where I should have found out about it and put it on my schedule? I do look at both CT & MJ websites but only skim the top news stories. I do not review them to see what events are coming up.

For the record, I do think the new courthouse is a great looking building and would have been there and provided the same photo coverage as I do with other “In the Community” stories.

Thanks for checking in and if you feel I “reprimanded” the anonymous poster – I did because it was an unfair shot to a site that has done so many positive stories about our community. I have actually received emails from people saying that they don’t want to see those stories; they say they would rather just see the “breaking news” type stories. I will tell you that as long as I run the site you will continue to see the positive stories.

Thanks for your comment!

6:22 PM  
Anonymous sue from avon said...

I have been a daily reader of tmcnews now for more than a year and I have always enjoyed the more positive stories. I like how just recently after the house fire in Wellington, instead of just leaving us with the fire story and photos, tmc interviewed the chief and reminded us about how important it is to have smoke detectors in the home. Using that story to bring home a possible life saving message. I noticed nobody made comments to that story. I have also noticed on the many other positive stories that it is rare anyone will post comments.

It is my guess that they person who posted the comment to this story had a personal interest in the courthouse dedication story. I am glad that tmc responded back to the anonymous person, I would have too. Yes this is a public site but I don’t see why that should mean tmc cannot respond to such an unfair comment.

Keep up the good work tmcnews and please keep bringing the good news to us.

Sue from Avon.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous michael petruzzi said...

I also agree that TMC NEWS provides great coverage of positive stories throughout Lorain County. Aside from the stories the amount of photo coverage that you find on TMC NEWS tells the story almost better then the words. I have always found it amazing that with such a limited staff we still see such great coverage.

I also like the fact that TMC responded to the anonymous person. I am tired of the PC world, tell it like it is, and stop treating us like children and idiots. With that said I could care a less about the new courthouse. I mean I am glad there is a new one that doesn’t drip water on our Judges, I know Judge Musson and I know he had been soaked in the past. I would rather read a positive story about what the youth of our community are doing to make their lives better. I would rather read the stories about how members of our community continue to get together after 70 years to play a softball game and celebrate tradition and community. I would rather read the storied about the Firefighters who present steak or chicken dinners so they can raise money to buy necessities for their departments. I would rather read the stories about how the management of Wilkes Villa presents an informational day for their residents to help better their lives. I would rather read the stories and view the amazing and heartbreaking photos of memorials for our fallen heroes who come home to be laid to rest.

Reading a story about a bunch of politicians getting together to pat themselves on the back is not in the same ballpark with the other stories. Take a moment and see the stories that TMC NEWS has brought to us in their in the community page.

I still love Sundays with Jason too. He is certainly NOT a PC guy.

Michael Petruzzi

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I posted what I posted, and it was not an attack on this site. This site brings great stories.
I do not think cage fighting is positive nor do I think it should be acceptable.
But this site is TMCNEWS and its not mine so I just need to accept it.
PLEASE keep bringing your stories, and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.
Agree or disagree with each other, your reporting, especially the pictures you provide.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

Hello, and thank you all for taking such an interest in our event. TMCNews did a WONDERFUL job just as they have ALWAYS done.

The reason TMC News covered this event is because they had the same questions and views that most people do looking from "the outside in".

These are athletes that deserve just as much recognition as any other sport out there. This is a STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION regulated event. Would you rather all of these "ONCE TROUBLED" young men fighting and dealing drugs in the streets?

In the MMA community (mixed martial arts) This is an alternative sport made and designed for all walks of life. This is a governed event that is completely controlled. The gloves that these competitors wear are nothing more than boxing gloves that you can grasp something with. So if "cage-fighting" is bad then you must not agree with- Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, or Kickboxing...because these are the EXACT same rules used for this event.

(statistically proven-there have been more deaths in boxing YEARLY than there have been in Cage-Fighting in its ENTIRE HISTORY! So, I think barbaric isnt quite the word.)

I am not here to degrade or attack anyone in any way,shape, or form. This is being posted CLEARLY to educate any person(s) outside of this sport that is looking from "the outside in". There are many fighters that started out in the "street" going nowhere in life, and going nowhere FAST! Many of these men ages 18-34 were on a fast track to life in prison, and even worse-DEAD. So if your really THAT upset with cage-fighting I think maybe you should take it up with those fighters themselves.
Ask them why they do it. Ask them why they love it. They will gladly answer any questions anyone would have about any aspect of the sport.

Many of these men are dedicated family men, boxers, police officers, teachers, wrestlers, computer technicians, store owners, and EVEN PASTORS that fight in our organization. The pastors fight on the well-known fight team "The Lord's Army" These are all men that push themselves to the physical edge of health to be the best, and they have fun doing it. I thank you for your time in reading this reply.

Any further hatemail can be issued to the Superior Cage Fighting website and not posted in silly comment blogs on They are doing a WONDERFUL job.

TMCNews did nothing more than cover the event due to discovering that this sport is 100 times different than they would expect, and to the local men that had decided to divert thier life away from all the negative things. These are all very competitive people and they are ALLL friends after-wards.

Thank YOU!!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

"Fighting in the street is a bad Idea for me now. I have learned a lot of self-discipline as well as what respect really is. In the cage I feel ten times safer knowing that I am not going to seriously get hurt. I know that there isnt going to be a knife pulled...I know there isnt going to be a gun brought into it...I know that thier friends arent going to come up behind me, and most of all I know that there is a REFEREE there to stop it if either of our health is at risk. Thats good for me. I wouldnt want to be in a street-fight and just continue to get stomped into a bloody mess, should it happen that I am losing the fight. so that referree is an excellent sense of security for me.

I have a sense of pride knowing that I AM somebody in this sport and that I have MANY people who look up to me and that are proud of me in the ways I turned my life around to physically and mentally better myself to be a better fighter in this sport. You can take the dog out of a fight, but you cant take the fight out of a dog...But you CAN disperse that dogs aggression towards many more safer things."

This is from an interview with a fighter before our event. So please, dont judge on looking. Come out and see it for yourself. See all the different walks of life that are in this sport.

I will gladly give you free tickets so you can come out and see that it is not as it is portrayed on T.V.

Thank you,

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares about the court house opening? And how is that positive? More spending of money we don't have. How about using that money to get our safety services back in line. Now that would be a positive story.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My KnockoutFactory fighters are family guys with kids. Dave Lyons, The fighter in the cover shot administering blows is going to school to be a police officer, does not drink, smoke or do any drugs, was never a street fighter or troublemaker in any way. They all participates in a state regulated SPORT that keeps them in excellent shape, takes discipline, and may earn them a fair amount of money in a side career in the future.

How easy it is to label someone they dont know, catagorize individuals they know little about, write off others without educating themselves. At first glance, the action may seem brutal, but Brutality must have a victim. These are willing participants who are bound by rules that govern their chosen sport, ensuring their safety.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Found this looking for an email address for judge Musson to thank him for the way he runs things. I was at the new court house for a driving violation, and I can say the way things work in Elyria are way different than here in Medina where they could care less and every person gets the maximum fine allowed by law so the city makes money.

Anyway, my ticket had the old courthouse address on it....too funny, the place looked like a thrift shop or pet store. The new court house address was on the door....BIG improvement.

If you ever are looking for a positive story, consider doing one on judge Musson...he started the session by telling everyone he would prefer to get every person there back to normal life and he 100% talked to everyone with respect and never talked down to anyone. He made sure every person knew about free programs that might hel-p them. The guy has to dish out punishment, and he did of course, but he obviously does care about people around him and realizes the hardships people guys are lucky to have a judge like him there...

The old court house there was a joke...LOL, it seriously looked like a thrift store or something, and I thought I was at the wrong place.

3:33 PM  

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