Thursday, September 27, 2007


Around the same hour last Friday night as the Avon Lake High School Junior found her car vandalized with human feces and racial slurs, an Elyria High School Senior was being beaten nearly unconscious.

The attack occurred while 17 year old Travis Noble was visiting his girlfriend’s house on Metcalf Drive (Metcalf runs between North Pasadena and Rosealee) Friday night after the Elyria High School Football game. Noble, a linebacker for the Pioneers, was upset after the Pioneers lost their game against Parma that night, 34-6.

While sitting in the front yard of the Metcalf Road home, someone rode by on a bicycle and yelled, “Hey, looks like we have a ***** in our neighborhood.” Hearing this, Noble ran from the yard and chased down the kids at which time an argument ensued. After words were exchanged Noble turned to walk away when he was struck from behind. The kids then began beating Noble, hitting him in the face and kicking him. The final blow was a kick to the head that about left Noble unconscious.

Elyria Police responded to the home just before midnight after receiving calls of a disturbance. When Officers arrived they found Noble slumped over in a chair and badly beaten. Noble was treated at Elyria Memorial Hospital where he had surgery for fractures of his jaw.

Elyria Police have arrested one man and have issued a warrant for another in connection with the assault on Noble. James Machovina was charged and arraigned for Felonious Assault. Machovina, who is 21 and lives on North Pasadena, plead not guilty and is free on $15 thousand dollar bond.

The second man, Ken Tackett II, turned himself into Police Thursday afternoon and was charged with Felonious Assault. It was Tackett who made the racial slur towards Noble and he is also the one who kicked him in the head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story just makes me sick to my stomach. Well Mr. Machovina are you a proud daddy now? Your son is following in your footsteps. He on his way to your second home JAIL!! He deserves to go to jail. Who knows maybe he will get a taste of his own medicine in there and learn how to treat and respect other people. It's people like this that make people afraid of Elyria and give our city a bad name.
LL in Elyria

3:56 PM  

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