Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Two Avon Lake High School students, one 17 and the other 15, have been removed from school facing expulsion and criminal prosecution after allegedly committing a hate crime against an Asian American student at the school.

The incident occurred last Friday night when the two students allegedly targeted a vehicle belonging to a Marching Band member, smearing it with urine and fecal matter. The car was parked on school grounds while the Junior Band member was performing at an away game. The student returned to find her car covered in human waste and a racially offensive term written on her car.

School Officials were able to identify the students quickly because of the overwhelming outrage by fellow students and their help in the investigation.

The Avon Lake Police Department is continuing to investigate this crime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As sick, twisted and immature as this is I think the worse part is they obviuosly had to smear their own crap on the car. They should make them wash the car with their own tongues. Then soap and water. Haas

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the hate crime in Elyria? Where the football player now has his jaw wired shut because he was an African-American. Police say its not a hate crime and the N word was used?

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that kid in elyria is not an african-american..... he is american. He has never been to africa, his family has never been to africa, and they never PLAN ON GOING to africa.

Thats like every single white person saying they are Irish-American, and German-American, and Czech-American...ect.... that would be ridiculous. Its the melting pot. If your born on this soil, your an American. I am from Germany, where I was born and raised, so technically I am a TRUE German-American because I am now a citizen. But unless they are born in africa and came floating or flying over here to live, they are not african-american, they are just american.....Just givin ya some food for thought. That story isnt fully explained niether. Remember, there are TWO sides to every story and you only got the losing end of the fight, story. Why do you think that kid doesnt want anything to happen to that whiteboy? BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT THE WHITEBOY WOULDNT HAVE DONE WHAT HE DID IF HE WOULDNT HAVE PROVOKED IT!!! case closed.

P.S.- I am a BLACK american. So dont think this is just some random racist white guy talkin a bunch of B/S.

Jamaar Rice-Clayborne
AKA: J-Money, Southside Elyria

12:46 AM  

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