Monday, September 24, 2007


A woman crossing Middle Ave in Elyria this afternoon was struck by a car turning from Second Street onto Middle throwing her to the ground.

LifeCare Paramedics and Elyria firefighters responded to the scene and evaluated the injuries. The woman refused any treatment from the Medic or transport to the hospital.

Now you might be wondering why the story is on TMC NEWS seeing as how it was a non injury incident. Well, as I started shooting the scene I noticed someone who looked familiar. Right there in the left turn lane on Middle Ave, right where the woman fell was Elyria High School Senior Justin Willis. Willis saw the victim fall to the ground after being hit by the car. He jumped out of his car and gave aid to the woman until Paramedics arrived.

One week ago today Justin was outside of Elyria High School on the West Ave side when a girl, crossing the street, was struck by an SUV. Willis went to her aid as well, holding her head still until Paramedics arrived at that scene.

Willis said that today he was heading home after a session of weight lifting at the school when he was approaching the intersection of Middle and Second. “I didn’t see the actual hit but I saw her falling to the ground so I got out of my car and went over to her to make sure she was ok.” Willis has plans of being a Firefighter / Paramedic after graduating from high school. Appears he is beginning his training early.

TMC NEWS says KUDOS to Justin Willis for his wiliness to help, his knowledge of what to do at an emergency situation and the compassion to go out of his way to help others in his community. No doubt any Fire Department or EMS service will be better for having him as part of their team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a world where ignoring people in need is the norm, it is refreshing to read about a young man who goes out of his way to help those in need at a time that could be critical in their life. I hope this you man achieves his goal of becoming a paramedic.
Thanks TMC for sharing the news and the good side of the story also. Patsy

11:10 PM  
Anonymous sue from avon said...

Patsy, you are right. Too often we read stories about young people doing nothing but bad things, it is very refreshing to see this young man going out of his way to help. I wish more kids were like him. Sue from Avon.

11:44 PM  

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