Tuesday, August 21, 2007


A Cincinnati teen, while on foot, was struck by a train yesterday morning in the little town of Elmwood Place, Ohio. The teen, 18 year old Zach Smith was waiting for a southbound train to pass before crossing. Once that train passed Smith began making his way across the tracks unaware that another train was coming from the other direction. Witnesses say Smith, while crossing the tracks, was texting on his cell phone. The train struck Smith launching him about 50 feet. Witnesses say the trains horn was “blowing like mad” but Smith just kept texting away.

Smith was taken to University Hospital in Cincinnati and is currently listed in serious condition.


Anonymous Eric L. said...

Here's your sign..

8:59 PM  
Anonymous TC3000 said...

This is undoubtedly the best statement that has been made about our generation.

Even with safety gates and flashing red lights, as well the loud unmistakable sound of a locomotive horn screaming in his face at an ear-bleeding volume as the massive train engine rockets towards him at an alarming rate, our trusty average teenager neglects to take any sort of caution or pay the slightest bit of attention to what is quickly becoming the end of his life.

Of course, we all know this is understandable and there was nothing he could really do to prevent himself from being tossed like a ragdoll because whatever text he was just finishing up undoubtedly concerned a life or death matter that had to be sorted out RIGHT THAT INSTANT! or wait...was it? I'm not sure, you decide.

This unfortunate young man was walking, yes! WALKING ladies and gentleman and texting which proved to impair his reaction time just enough so that he could walk in front of a TRAIN! Now if every person in elyria that has ever texted while driving were to quit smoking pot tonight, our dealers at EHS would be bankrupt. Maybe soon we can start offering rehabilitation programs for people who are so dependant on social acceptance, they would walk in front of a train so that they could finish their text message.

I've heard of crackheads doing some crazy things to get that rock, but now I've heard of a boy who was so intent on finishing his text, he actually walked in front of a TRAIN! wtf elyria

1:41 AM  

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