Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tim Quinn spent a better part of the afternoon today meeting people and dishing out Root Beer at Dog N Suds on North Ridge Road in Elyria Township. Along with the Root Beer Quinn was also dishing out his plans for changes he would like to make in the city of Elyria if he is elected Mayor.

Quinn is running as an independent candidate in the upcoming General Election for Mayor of Elyria against incumbent Mayor Bill Grace. Quinn said that Grace has lost site of what is important to the city and that his main issue will be jobs.
“I believe we have one of the best work forces, I get to talk to a lot of people and I think we have one of the best available work forces in the United States but we have to put them to work. When Invacare left it bothered me and has for 4 years, that announcement has brought me to this point. It was kind of coincidental that they waited until the day after the primary last time against Deery to announce that the Invacare work force is leaving and heading to China. I think there are things out there that haven’t been tried; I don’t think we have advertised Elyria enough, if any. I’m embarrassed as a citizen, to pick up the paper last week and see that Amherst landed a company with 500 Tech jobs. I’m embarrassed, we have one of the greatest Community Colleges right here in Elyria and we didn’t get that company.”

Quinn spoke about how the current administration seems to have ignored a great asset in our community, the small businesses.
“All you have to do is drive a little south of here to Wellington and take a look at their downtown, all of the upper floors are occupied, and the street level store fronts are not only occupied but looking good and I wonder why our downtown, our main street isn’t looking that good?"

Quinn has an extensive background in construction and running a large construction company, in fact he is called many times as an expert witness for trials to discuss his field. Quinn feels that with Jobs creation being the number one issue his background will be a huge benefit to the city. Quinn is reluctant to announce specific plans right now saying that he will lay them all out one week before the election.
“I am not going to lay out my plan now so people can take my ideas, but I have definite ideas; which are simple.”

When discussing the issue of Safety Forces in the city and the current administration suggesting that a Fire Station might have to be shut down, Quinn said that this is an issue that he is certain to look into.
“You’re dealing with lives here, not political tools. I see the Fire Department is already ahead of their projected overtime, but in my position now I can only get so many answers, will I delve into it, absolutely.”

Quinn says his status as an Independent is also a plus to the community.
“The major thing the people of Elyria are getting with Tim Quinn is an independent. Nobody in a party will say, keep your mouth shut if you value your political future. That is what the people will get in me. I’m trying to bring integrity to the Mayor to a point where it is not a political party that governs what they do, it’s the Mayor and the people and if I can do that, then I have done my job.”

To learn more about Tim Quinn and his positions:

Note: TMC NEWS was invited to meet Mr. Quinn today at Dog N Suds to discuss the issues that he believes are important for the future of our city. We welcome an invite from Mayor Grace and would be happy to sit with him to discuss the issues as well. If that happens we will bring it to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIS TOWN IS AN EMBARRASMENT. Crappy roads, no place for employment, boarded up schools, things trying too be done half ass, The only reason why people come to this town is for court. Like my Father said you won't have to worry about Grace being a congressman, he already screwed up this town. Billy H.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous James said...

I agree with billy above.. This town is horrible. The roads are so bad... (ive actully lost 2 tires to these pot holes.) but other than that the town will never get better. Its only going to get worse off. NO JOBS so people STEAL.. who knows anymore i cant wait to get out of lorain

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Melody said...

If you are running for mayor in Elyria, why are you in Elyria Twp? Doesn't Elyria have any fine restaurant you can campaign at? Why don't you support the City of Elyria's businesses?

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I met Mr. Quinn and have to admit that he has been a success at everything that he's done in his life. If he's half as good at being Mayor of Elyria, we will all be better off! As for Melody's comments, the Dog & Sud's location has a lot of traffic - better than any location in Elyria! Do you think only Elyria Twp eats there? Grow up! And here's a callout to party politics for the Apple Festival people - give Tim a booth! It's OK if it's smaller than the Democrat and Republican ones that you give out for free!

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I have known Tim Quinn for 6 years and no one is more passionate about this town than he is. If anyone is going to make a significant difference in this town, Tim Quinn will. Tim is a people person, he is on the level of every blue collar worker in this town. He's determined in bringing jobs back to Elyria. Giving the people of this town something to stay for. Every Friday in the Chronicle Telegram ther are at least 4 pages of foreclosures. People are losing their homes, their way of life and where are they going for work? Anywhere but here, In the meantime Bill Grace is only worried about planting trees and making Elyria beautiful. I think the people of this town are more concerned about how they are going to pay their bills. What good is a "pretty city" if there are no jobs? I think Bill Grace has his priorities to this town a little confused. He is not the voice of Elyria and he is not representing what Elyrians are asking for....Tim Quinn is a positive change that Elyria desperately needs...Vote Quinn Nov. 6th!!!!

9:24 AM  

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