Friday, August 17, 2007


File photos of Miller Road Park

Avon Lake Police Lieutenant Duane Streator said that the Avon Lake Police and Fire Department responded after receiving a call of a body being spotted in the water off Miller Road Park around 8 p.m. Thursday night. “We talked with 3 witnesses who described seeing what appeared to be a body in the water approximately 50 yards out near the east end of the park in the beach area. A search of the area was initiated by the Avon Lake Fire Department rescue personnel. The Coast Guard was also called in for assistance in the search effort. While the search was being conducted in the water Avon Lake Police Department Officers located some personal items on the beach area. There was a shirt; some shoes and a wallet was located on the beach that appeared to be unaccounted for by other personnel at the scene. At 12:01 a.m., rescue personnel in the water located a body in the area that the witnesses described as the last place he was seen. The body was that of a white male, it was brought on shore by rescue personnel and the Lorain County Coroner was then contacted."

Lieutenant Streator said that Investigators later learned that the items that were discovered on the beach did in fact belong to the man they found in the water.

The man was identified at 23 year old Kyle Karkoff of North Ridgeville. Karkoff had left his sister a note that morning saying he was going for a bike ride to the park to go swimming in the lake. Karkoff’s family said that Kyle was not a strong swimmer but because of his mother recently dying of a heart attack, due to being overweight, he was becoming more active. His family said that over the last year or so he has lost about 60 pounds.

Lieutenant Streator said that the Coroner will rule on the cause of death but at this point they are looking at it as an accidental drowning with no foul play.
Just one month ago two Elyria men, Brandon Glass, 20, and Daniel Smith, 19, drowned at Miller Road Park after going for a late night swim with a storm passing through and high waves.


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