Thursday, June 14, 2007


Elyria Firefighters responded to the 100 block of Harrison Street this morning after a 31-year-old man fell off a cliff.

Elyria Fire Department Assistant Chief Ron Brlas said when they arrived on scene they sent one Firefighter down the hill to assess the victims injuries. “When the first Firefighter went down we wanted to find out what his injuries were and also to find out what would be the best way to bring him back up the hill. The rescuer discovered him with his lower torso in water lying face down; his head was not in the water. The victim told the rescuer that he believed that he had broken his hip. The rescuer with him had accessed the rest of his injuries then called for a backboard and a stokes basket to be sent down."
Firefighters at the top of the hill began setting up a rope system that would pull the victim to the top of the hill after the rescuers had packaged him up. Once the victim was pulled to the top Paramedics from LifeCare Ambulance took over care and transported the man to Elyria Memorial Hospital. The victim was then flown to Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland.
Chief Brlas said that the man had been walking in the area around 4:30am with two other friends who witnessed him fall off the cliff and they called for help. The mother of the victim said that she believed he had just lost his footing causing the fall.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Mabe said...

Metro LifeFlight was requested from the scene for this patient and was subsequently flown from EMH ER after a cooperative decision was made between the on-scene crew and the medical control physician during direct, one-on-one communication. Please note that one of the ORC exceptions to mandatory transport is if the patient needs additional assessment or stabilization measures at a local ER prior to transfer to a trauma center. The same standard of care was applied in both cases and was compliant with state law.

While this discussion has been entertaining (and hopefully, educational to area EMS personnel in the area by bringing up differences in opinion on how trauma triage should be applied in daily patient care) I will not be posting any additional responses to anonymous bloggers... if your opinions are strong enough that you feel the need to publically critique patient care decisions made during incidents that you were, I'm presuming, not involved in then you should not have to hide behind the "anonymous" title.

Stay safe out there, y'all!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger TMC NEWS said...

For some reason this story has generated a lot of comments. Personal attacks are being removed. If you address the medic involved in this story please sign your name to your comment or it will be removed. As long as your true name is attached to the comment the post will stay.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm............TMC news, do you think the comments were personal attacks or healthy debate that was fueled by the medic involved trying to justify their actions instead of letting opinions stand. I have followed these comments over the last several days and while i agree with the comments with many of them questioning the decision and interpretation of rules, I believe the situation was made worse by the medic who responded. he should have just let it go!

1:51 AM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

The comments that were removed by TMC NEWS were personal questions to the medic involved. I think if you look at the comments that have been left up they are all basically sincere comments. When removing the comments I looked at two things, one being the nature of the comments. I felt they were just personal shots aimed at the medic. Two, the person writing the comments did not leave their name. IF the person felt so strongly about their stance then they should not have had a problem leaving their name. In responding to the comments the medic not only left his full name but also his email address for people to contact him. I wish more people who leave comments on here did the same. It would save me the time and trouble reviewing them and deleting when needed.

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