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Those are the words from the man who crashed his car into the apartment building on Tower Blvd in Lorain last night. James E. Reed of Lorain fled the scene, leaving his girlfriend behind in the wreckage. Neighbors told officers when they arrived that the driver had fled, one of the officers, Patrolman Gonzalez and his K9 partner Rex started searching the area for him. The duo first discovered Reed behind North Coast church about a block away, Gonzalez identified himself as a Lorain Police officer and that is when Reed took off again. Gonzalez stated in his report that he did not release Rex due to the fact that they were in a residential area with a lot of people out and about. The two did track Reed though and found him again hiding beside a residence on West 40th Street. Reed was then taken into custody and transported to Community Health Partners after Gonzalez noticed injuries on Reed from the crash.

Patrolman Gonzalez noted in his report that Reed repeatedly stated, “I’m sorry man I messed up, is my girlfriend ok, is she alright, I left her in the car”

Reed is being charged with Failure To Control, Driving Under The Influence, Disorderly Conduct By Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct By Persisting and Resisting Arrest. Rumor has it that officials are looking into charging him with being a really bad boyfriend as well.

The couple living in the apartment that was damaged has been relocated to another apartment on the property and expect repairs to last a couple weeks to a month.


Anonymous Jason said...

Man, between this guy and the other who was smackin up his lady while drivin; makes you wonder why all the crazies have a liscense. Do they steal them? Special Bulletin to all the AA dropouts on wheels: STAY IN YOUR FREAKIN HOUSES! For crying out loud. This moron could have killed someone and ditched his "girlfriend" (literally). Do us all a favor, pop your cold one, lose your car keys, and soil yourself in your recliner cause your too blitzed to get up for the bathroom. JUST STAY HOME. Thank You.

11:32 PM  

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