Saturday, October 07, 2006


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Residents of 2100 Tower Blvd. were shaken out of their beds and off their couches when a car ran into the apartment building early Saturday morning.

I heard the tires squealing and I thought it was part of my dream at first. Then I got up and I heard a woman yelling ow my leg ow my leg and then I heard other people yelling that a car hit the building. I ran out onto the balcony and all I could see was smoke coming from the car, then I woke up my mom. Josh Cortez

The man driving the car crawled out through the window and fled the scene, leaving the female passenger still inside the car. LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics treated her at the scene and transported her to Community Health Partners. The driver was later found by Lorain Police. The portion of the building that the car hit was where an 11 year old girl would normally be sleeping, luckily she was sleeping at her Grandmothers house. Nobody in the apartment building was injured. Lorain Police are investigating the crash.


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