Saturday, September 16, 2006


Shut it down! Those were the words to the Apple Festival vendors from the Elyria Police 20 minutes before the scheduled closing time on Saturday night. The decision was made due to a number of fights that were breaking out in Ely Square. Some of the vendors were not real happy about it because they still had a line of customers. One vendor said, “I understand the decision by the police but what I want is for the kids who were fighting to come over and pay me the money I am losing”. Another vendor who witnessed some of the fights said she was happy to hut down early. “Better to be safe then sorry, if the police didn’t shut it down and something bad happened then people would be asking why they didn’t." Some people didn’t even know about the fights due to the quick actions and strategic positioning by the Elyria Police, Park Rangers and Auxiliaries.

You can share your thoughts or stories about your trip to this year’s festival here.


Anonymous Richard P. from elyria said...

Just one more reason to either shut down the apple festival all together or move it somewhere else. all that festival does is make tons of money for the carney vendors who travel into our city once a year then roll back out as soon as it is over. with the prices they charge they probably make in one weekend what a downtown elyria merchant makes in 6 months. i feel bad for business owners like court street cafe and zaki's, all this apple festival does is once again show how elyria is not a small business friendly city. way to go elyria, soon the downtown will be nothing but bars and law offices. Oh wait, you will have the dollar stores and check cashing joints too.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Jean from elyria said...

I agree in part with richard. i was at the festival last night and it is sad to say but the night time is not the time for families to be downtown even during the apple festival. the downtown seems to be taken over by the people who are up to no good. maybe they need to move the event somewhere where you can control the crowd like they do in lorain where the fence off the area and charge like a dollar to get in, maybe that would keep out some of the people who just want to cause trouble. I also agree that the prices for food is out of control at the festival but one of the vendors told me that the cost to be in the festival is so high that they have to charge a lot. I just know that I will not be back to the apple festival again as long as it is downtown.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

elyria apple festival? you mean they still have people who come out to that? well let's see, booze and bars, ghetto and trailer trash, apple lovers and apple throwers. all in downtown elyria at the same time? what would you expect the outcome to be? certainly not a circle of friends, hands held singing khumbaya, my lord. It is a beautiful way to set up an awful disaster. Move it to a different city or charge a real admission, that will weed out the garbage.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous mike in elyia said...

I guess the question is, what is the purpose of the festival? If it is to line the pockets of out of town carnies and clog the streets of our downtown to make it harder then it already is to get around then sure keep it going. I have an idea, expand it along broad street between east and west ave. I think if you walk along the vendor area and you see the number of repeat vendors, waffles and funnel cakes and so on, you can tell that the city is just collecting $$$ for the weekend and could care a less about what happens. I would hate to see a situation get out of control and a police officer or innocent bystander gets hurts when a fight gets out of hand. its only a matter of time.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that festival has gotten out of control on many levels. time for someone to get it back under control. bring it back to what it was suppose to be, a nice community event not a cash cow for out of town carnies.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't they move the festival down to cascade or out to the college?

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Bob elyria said...

I make sure that I avoid downtown elyria during the apple festival weekend. It is very clear what that thing has turned into over the years. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

12:48 AM  

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