Tuesday, September 12, 2006

$20,483.00 & CLIMBING

$20,483.00 and climbing, that is the amount raised so far from last weekends benefit for the Allan “Buzz” Anderson Memorial Fund. Steve Hall, event organizer, told TMC NEWS that it had been reported through another news source that the event had only raised a little over $5,000.00 and people started asking him where his new Corvette was.

“This amount of money was raised because of the hard work and generosity by so many people in the community. It is very important that people know what the true amount is so they know that all of their hard work was worth it." Steve Hall

A portion of that total was raised by 10 different fire departments paying entry fees into the Water Fight competition. The competing departments were: Wellington, Vermilion, Wakeman, Eaton, Berlin Heights, Rochester, Lagrange, Florence, Sullivan and Camden Township.

1st Place: Wakeman
2nd Place: Berlin Heights
3rd Place: Vermilion


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