Friday, September 01, 2006


Last Wednesday Janice Susak, owner of Scoops & More on Lake Ave, noticed a short gentlemen walk up to the store window. She turned to her dad and said I’ll be right back; I have to go wait on Danny Devito. She was joking of course, but then to her surprise she got to the window and it really was him. Devito and his wife, actress Rhea Pearlman, were in town earlier this week on family business and decided to stop by the ice cream stand for a treat. Susak said the couple couldn’t have been nicer. “We talked for a little bit outside, they asked us questions about the stand and congratulated us on taking over the business and wished us luck with it.” Susak has owned Scoops & More since July of this year. After taking a picture with Susak, Devito and Pearlman, along with their daughter left but said that they will stop back when they are in town again.


Anonymous Mathis in Austin said...

Did he take a TAXI to the ice cream stand?

12:45 AM  

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