Saturday, September 02, 2006


Elyria Police responded to what they initially thought was a car-jacking in downtown Elyria his afternoon. The incident started in the area of the License Bureau on Broad Street near Cedar. The vehicle reported taken was a 1993 silver mini van and was last seen heading east on Broad Street. A citizen saw the van and called the police with the directions until police were able to catch up to them. Once behind the van the driver stepped things up by driving through yards as he ended up on a dead end street. The driver of the van was then able to elude the police for a little while until a resident on Garford Ave notified the police that the van was in the woods behind their house near East Rec. While police were searching the area a Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputy was approached by a man in the East Rec parking lot on Prospect near Baldwin Ave, the man told the deputy that his silver mini van was stolen from the East Rec parking lot about an hour earlier. It was quickly discovered that the man speaking to the deputy was the suspect in the incident on Broad Street. The man had taken off the red shirt he had been wearing and left it on the floor of the mini van, it was later discovered. Elyria Police had a witness drive by the parking lot to identify the suspect that they had in custody.

There is still questions about what all happened at the incident on Broad Street and at the time of this posting the Elyria Police Department did not have a report ready for release.


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