Sunday, September 10, 2006


For complete coverage and interviews, vistit: "In The Community" The Anderson family (all in black t-shirts) takes the stage during the opening cremony as Steve Hall (far left) kicks off the event with some opening words.

The Lorain County Fair Grounds filled up Sunday with people who wanted to honor the memory of Allan “Buzz” Anderson and to also show their respect and support for the family he leaves behind.

The weather was perfect for the guests who were entertained by The Southern Star Band, Water Fight Competition between 10 different fire departments and a car show with over 300 entries.
To see pictures from the event CLICK HERE.

We invite you to vist our "In The Community" section for a complete run down of the event along with interviews that you won't want to miss.

TMC NEWS would like to thank the Anderson family, Chief Bob Walker and the Wellington Fire Department family and Steve Hall for allowing us to be a part of this special event.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great coverage, i love all of the pictures. i was at the event in the afternoon and enjoyed the music very much. i was ver happy to see so many people show up and get involved in something so positive. thank you tmc news for being there and for bringing us all the pictures.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Kim Werdebaugh said...

Thanks for the super coverage and pictures!!! I am a family member from Pennsylvania who was unable to attend the event and thanks to you, I kind of feel like I was there!! It looks like a really great day and I am so sorry to have missed it!

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Steve Hall said...

I truly Love Wellingtons support,
Buisness and Individual.Much love to the Anderson Family,I only wish to have met them under different terms.Thanks for the GREAT coverage.Steve Hall
Southern Star
Harrison Ford

11:37 AM  
Anonymous robert in oberlin said...

This is the first time that I have seen this TMC news, i have never seen coverage like this before. I think it was great that they showed the interviews with buzz's wonderful wife and the nephew. he sounds like a really smart guy. very nice words. I was moved reading both interviews. I could not believe all of the pictures too, that was something. Anyway, i am glad to see that wellington really pulled together and did this wonderful event for the anderson family. we all need to support the families of fallen heros. god bless them

7:40 PM  

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