Monday, June 03, 2013


Elyria – Residents in the quiet 900 block of Sherwood Drive had some excitement Monday afternoon when Elyria Police Officers came down their street and swarmed and small green Kia parked on the road. 
Police received a tip that murder suspect Tove D. Adams was sitting in a Kia on Sherwood Drive. Police quickly got a team together and successfully took Adams into custody without incident. 
Neighbors say that it was exciting to watch how quickly the Officers moved in and had Adams in handcuffs. A neighbor that lives across the street said, “It was like something you only see in the movies but now it’s here on our street. It was exciting but I wouldn’t want this to happen here every day.”

Neighbors say the Kia belonged to the homeowner’s grandson. “His Grandmother lives there where the car is parked but he lives in some apartments down the street. He is here a lot doing yard work and helping her with the house.” They also say the Grandson met Adams through his church and they have seen him at the house with him before. One neighbor said Adams had called his friend around 3am asking if he could stay at his apartment, the man said no but did pick him up in Lorain today before driving him to his Grandmother’s house this afternoon. The Grandson asked Adams to stay inside of the car while he went into the house. It was a short time later that Police approached and took Adams into custody.

Although the Police searched of the car, the residents and a shed in the back yard the gun was not recovered.



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