Saturday, March 30, 2013


Carlisle Township – Troopers say a man crashed his car just minutes after other drivers had called the State Patrol Post to report him as a possible drunk driver.

Trooper Al Marcum said the Post received calls reporting a Jeep Cherokee traveling west on Route 20 was all over the road and a possible drunk driver. “We had a Trooper close by who fell in behind the Jeep near Grafton Road and followed him up the exit ramp to Route 301 (LaGrange Road). The driver then went south on 301 crossing the highway before returning to Route 20 eastbound.”

Trooper Marcum said the other Trooper turned on his lights to pull the Jeep over when he turned onto the ramp. The driver of the Jeep, later identified as JC Steven Chapman, entered Route 20 and almost immediately drove into the median. After driving down the median about 1600 feet he then crossed over the westbound lanes and off the road.

Chapman drove down a hill before striking a guardrail on Middle Ave.

Trooper Lance Deshuk ran down the hill and found Chapman inside the jeep unresponsive. With smoke pouring from the Jeep Deshuk opened the door and pulled Chapman from the driver’s seat to safety.

Carlisle Township Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics treated Chapman at the scene before transporting him to Elyria Memorial Hospital where he was later transferred to a Cleveland hospital.

Although the investigation into the crash is ongoing, Troopers say narcotics were found inside the vehicle and that Chapman had an active warrant for his arrest out of Elyria. The warrant stemmed from a Domestic Violence Assault conviction. Chapman also had an excessive speed (over 100mph) conviction in the past.

According to court records Chapman was born on March 29, 1989.



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