Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Elyria – An Elyria man was hit with a slew of charges after he broke out two windows while in the back seat of an Elyria Police car Monday evening.

Police were originally called to the area of 1307 Middle Ave for a man threatened a person with a gun. The callers told Police that the man, Charles Truxhall, had left in a blue Ford F150.

Officer spotted Truxhall near the blue truck in the 13th Street Alley near Middle Ave and began talking to him while he was yelling at people nearby. Truxhall was placed in handcuffs and placed in the back of a police car while Officers spoke with witnesses.

Truxhall continued his screaming at people from the back seat of the patrol car and then began banging his head against the window. Officers told Truxhall to stop hitting his head against the window and then continued interviewing witnesses.

A short time later Truxhall began kicking the windows and eventually pushing one out of the door frame. Officers then placed a hobble device on Truxhall’s feet to keep him from kicking. Truxhall then spun his body on the back seat and began kicking the other window eventually breaking that one out of the frame as well.

Truxhall was removed from the car and placed on the ground while Officers waited for the prisoner van to arrive. While on the ground Truxhall kicked one of the Officers in the leg.

Truxhall was placed in the van and transported to the Lorain County Jail where a knife was discovered in his waistband.

Truxhall was charged with Menacing by Stalking, Vandalism, Assault on a Police Officer, CCW, Obstructing Official Business and DUS.


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