Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Elyria – Police arrested Nathanial Allgood on Monday afternoon after he was spotted urinating in the fountain inside of Ely Square.
Police say parents who were inside of the park with their children called 9-1-1 after Allgood urinated in the fountain. When Police arrived they found Allgood sitting on a park bench close to Elyria City Hall. Police observed Allgood place a bottle cap down on the picnic table beside him. Officers detected a strong odor of alcohol on Allgood and also said his speech was slurred and his eyes were rolling about as he tried to focus on Officers. Officers also noticed the zipper on Allgood’s shorts to be down.
Officers found an open, half consumed bottle of Absolute Vodka in a duffle bag that was next to Allgood, a bag that he denied owning. The bottle was missing a cap – Officers noted that the cap they saw Allgood set down on the table belonged on a bottle of Absolute Vodka. When Officers asked Allgood to stand up he did and Officers observed Allgood’s penis showing through his open zipper. Allgood was ordered to zip up his shorts and he was then placed under arrest.
Officers recovered two bottles of Cook’s California Champagne from inside of the fountain.
Allgood was charged with Public Indecency, Disorderly Conduct – Intox, and Open Container. He was released after receiving his summons.
File Photo from Sept 2011 when someone soaped the fountain in Ely Square… The man shown in this photo is NOT the man who urinated into the fountain Monday. It might be time for someone to do this again…


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