Monday, June 04, 2012


Elyria – Elyria Police were called to the West River Road Giant Eagle Sunday afternoon after a cashier admitted to the store’s Loss Prevention Officer that she has stolen between $30 & $35 thousand dollars over that last two years.

A Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) advised Police that approximately two weeks ago an audit was performed on cashiers. It was discovered that one of the cashiers had been printing out “in store Giant Eagle” coupons that could be printed out in various dollar amounts. LPO said that the cashier would then turn in the coupons and keep the cash.

LPO also said the cashier would perform fraudulent returns and then keep the cash from those returns.

After the theft was noticed the cashier went on vacation for one week. When she returned an outside LPO was at the store to confront her about the findings. During her shift on Sunday the LPO advised the cashier had performed 5 fraudulent coupon transactions totaling $55.00. The LPO then approached the cashier and escorted her to the office where she returned the $55.00.

The LPO then advised Police that the cashier, 56 year old Pamela Kmitt of Birmingham, filled out a voluntary loss prevention statement admitting to not only the $55.00 theft but also to approximately 30 to 35 thousand dollars by cashing in Giant Eagle coupons and fraudulent returns.

The Giant Eagle Loss Prevention Department will now be checking store records to determine the exact amount that Kmitt had taken. Once the investigation is complete they will turn it over to the Elyria Police Department for possible additional charges.

Kmitt was given a summons on a charge of Theft for the $55.00 that she took on Sunday. Kmitt will be in court on June 6th.



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