Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Photo from 2011 donation
Each Tuesday in May Wolfey’s Bistro & Pub in Elyria has committed once again to donating 10% of all sales from open to close to this year’s Kerstetter 5K Run / Family Fun Walk.

In 2011 Wolfey’s donated just under $3,000.00 to the event and are hoping to raise even more this year.

Make sure you stop by Wolfey’s during these fundraisers and enjoy a great meal, even if it’s a to-go order, and help the Kerstetter 5K!

Scott & Wendy from Wolfey’s have really stepped up for the Kerstetter 5K with this Dine to Donate program. While other restaurants offer a Dine to Donate program here is the difference… With others the group receiving the donations would have to pass out fliers to friends and family and encourage them to go eat at the restaurant. There would be a 2 or 3 hour window that the restaurant would pick to donate a percentage of the sales only from the people with the fliers.

In the case of Wolfey’s, the Kerstetter 5K receives 10% of ALL SALES on Tuesdays, from open to close, in May. No fliers, no special times.

We at the Kerstetter 5K could not be happier or prouder to have such a phenomenal partner and we encourage everybody to stop by Wolfey’s and let Scott & Wendy know how much their generosity is appreciated by this community. (We of course would prefer that you do this on each and every Tuesday in May)

As David Letterman would say – Call the neighbors and wake the kids and get to Wolfey’s on Tuesday’s in May and as many other days as possible.

For lunch I would recommend the Cuban and fries. For dinner I would go with the Pot Roast or Baked Mac & Cheese. Don’t forget to start your table off with nice appetizer. Check out their menu @ www.wolfeys.com


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