Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Elyria – Those are the words neighbors in the 500 block of State Street heard Monday evening during some tense moments as Police attempted to talk a man out of a house.
Elyria Police were called to the area after Floyd Ball reported that Robert Harvey was chasing him around the neighborhood with a gun. Ball told Police the problem was an ongoing issue over a mutual ex-girlfriend.
Ball said he walking on Fuller Road when he spotted Harvey coming towards him on a bike. Ball said Harvey yelled to him, “don’t start running now bitch.” At that point Ball began jogging towards Nelson Street in an attempt to get away from Harvey. A short time later Ball saw Harvey again, this time on foot, jogging towards him with what appeared to be a black handgun or sawed off shotgun. Ball said Harvey yelled, “bitch, what’s up?” Ball said that Harvey ran back towards 532 State Street when the two men heard the Police sirens.

As Officers arrived they quickly surrounded the home and began calling over a loud speaker for Mr. Harvey to come out with his hands up and that the residence was surrounded. This went on for about 10 minutes before Harvey exited the front door with his hands up. He was then taken into custody without incident. Harvey refused to give Officers permission to search the home at that time.
Later at the Police station during an interview Harvey said he had a small axe handle in his backpack but never threatened anyone. He told Officers that the axe could be found in the bed of his father’s truck parked in the driveway.
Harvey told Police that Ball was dating his ex-girlfriend and that around Thanksgiving of 2011 Ball had sucker punched him so he felt he needed to carry the axe because he feels Ball “fights dirty.”

Harvey was charged with Aggravated Menacing and Menacing by Stalking.


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