Monday, December 12, 2011


Elyria – A shooting that occurred early Sunday morning on Blaine Street ended with Elyria Police arresting 18 year old Jordan Wallace of Elyria with Discharging a Firearm at a Prohibited Area, Felonious Assault and Aggravated Menacing.

Elyria Police responded to the area of Blaine & Lincoln Street around 3 a.m. after receiving reports of shots fired in the area. Additional callers stated a man was firing from the roof of 315 Blaine Street.

Officers arrived and surrounded the home while Police Dispatchers spoke with the residents on the phone. The people in the house were ordered to exit the home with their hands in the air. About 5 minutes later 2 males and one female exited the front door. Officers had the two males get to the ground – they were searched and handcuffed.

While speaking with Officers Wallace gave them several different accounts of what happened. Wallace stated that a drug dealer named Brian (Foster) had accused him of stealing money and pills from him earlier. He and Foster were involved in an altercation and Foster left and said that he would return to get his money. Wallace advised that Brian arrived with several of his friends and he saw through the second floor window that Brian had a 9mm black pistol. Wallace stated that Brian started to yell and threatened to smash the windows out of Joshua’s car window that was parked in the driveway of the residence. Brian then ran towards the front of his residence. (Two Story Duplex, residence is on second floor)

Wallace advised that he went into Joshua’s bedroom and grabbed his .22 rifle and loaded a magazine into it. Wallace then went to the top of the tall staircase that leads down to the front door and observed the door be kicked open. Wallace stated that Brian was standing in the doorway and had the 9mm pointed up at him. Wallace advised that he fired 1 round intentionally low not to kill Brian and Brian fled on foot around the house and down the street. Officer Moss observed the front door of the residence to have a bullet hole approx 1 foot from the bottom of the door and in the middle of the door. Officer Moss asked how he fired through the door if it were open.

Wallace then stated that Brian kicked the door open then pulled it closed to leave only a crack then reached his arm through the crack and aimed the 9mm gun up the stairs at him from behind the door. Wallace added that he knew the law and he was in fear for his life and was protecting himself in his own home against a man that came in with a gun. Wallace advised that after Brian ran away he unloaded the gun and put it back away in the closet. He then had his girlfriend call the police to report the incident.

Officers then spoke with Brian Foster (Victim) who advised that earlier in the night he was at 315 Blaine St. visiting Jordan Wallace and some other friends. Foster advised that he fell asleep at the residence and once he woke up, he noticed that he was missing approximately $150.00 cash from his pants pocket. Foster left the residence after a brief altercation with Wallace about the missing money. Foster then contacted his friends, David Partin and Frank Olivas about the missing money. Foster advised that Partin is also friends with Wallace and requested that Partin and Olivas go to 315 Blaine St. in an attempt to retrieve the missing money.

Foster advised that approximately 5 minutes later he arrived in the area of Lincoln St. and Riverside Dr. and exited the vehicle he was in. Upon exiting the vehicle, Foster advised that Wallace began shooting at him from a rear roof area of 315 Blaine St. Foster advised of approximately 4-6 shots and stated that he became highly upset at getting shot at by Wallace. Foster advised that he then went to the front porch area of 315 Blaine St. and began to knock on the front door of Wallace’s apartment. It was at this time Foster advised that someone fired 1-2 rounds at the front door. Foster advised that he then ran from the area with his friends and contacted the police about the incident. Foster advised that he was not injured in this incident.

Officer Lesner located in the residence a black Savage 22 caliber left only rifle inside the closet of the female resident. The rifle was unloaded with no magazine in the weapon. The female then showed Officer Lesner the magazine to the rifle was located in her wooden night stand. The magazine was black and contained 10 rounds of 22 caliber bullets. Officer Lesner then located a pill bottle of (9) nine 22 caliber bullets in Mr. Wallace’s dresser drawer. Officer Lesner took all items and placed them into evidence.

About two hours later at the Police Station and after the other two people in the Blaine Street home during the incident told Officers that Wallace had crawled out onto the back roof and hot the rifle Officer Moss interviewed Jordon Wallace. Officer Moss read Wallace his Miranda Warning and he signed the card stating that he wished to speak with officers.

Wallace gave the same statement that he did initially on scene and stated that he only fired the weapon one time down the stairs. After he told his story, Officer Moss advised him of the shell casings located on the roof. Wallace paused then stated that he had went target shooting a few days earlier and had the spent shell casing from target shooting in his car. He advised that about one hour before the incident he cleaned his car out and decided to throw the shell casings on the roof.
Officer Moss then advised Wallace of the witness statements regarding Wallace shooting at Brian form the roof.

Wallace denied any rounds were fired from the roof, then changed his story and advised that Josh was shooting from the roof and he took the gun from Josh and did not get the gun from the room and load it like he earlier stated. Wallace then stated that he will lie and admit to everything to keep Josh out of trouble and the interview was ended as Wallace stated that he was confused about what actually happened and could not remember at that point.



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