Saturday, November 05, 2011


Legendary newsman Andy Rooney died Friday night in a hospital in New York City of complications following minor surgery. Rooney was 92.

Rooney had announced on October 2nd in his 1,097th essay for CBS’ 60 Minutes program that he would no longer appear regularly.

Rooney was famous for his opening line, “have you ever noticed…, in fact after asking thousands of questions in his appearances on 60 Minutes he never used that line. Comedian Joe Piscopo used it during skits on Saturday Night Live and, from then on, it was forever linked to Rooney. 

Each Sunday night Rooney would explain what was bothering him that week. One was how some people pronounce the second month of the year FebRUary and others FebUary.

What was your favorite?

Go ahead and finish the line, “Have you ever noticed…


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