Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sheffield Township – A motorcyclist was seriously hurt late Friday night after crashing his Harley Davidson on Route 57 just south of Route 254.

Trooper Al Marcum of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said the victim was traveling southbound on Route 57 at the time of the crash. “They were traveling southbound – extreme high speeds and his motor blew and threw the piston out of the bottom and the bottom gouged into the ground causing him to fishtail and then it turned over and the bike went flipping.”

Marcum said the victim’s friend was coming to a quick stop and they crossed. It was unclear if the friend struck him or not according to Marcum.

The bike slid a total of 680 feet before it came to a stop. The victim was found lying in the middle of the highway 197 feet north of his bike.

The friend stopped for a few minutes according to witnesses and then left the scene continuing southbound on Route 57 towards Elyria.

Sheffield Township Firefighters treated the victim at the scene and then transported to Elyria memorial Hospital with serious head injuries. He was later transferred to Cleveland.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing according to Marcum. Charges are pending.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the friend stopped for a few minutes then continued on??? First, that is no friend, and second, this is a major indicator... is he unlicensed? No insurance? Warrants? DUI?? He was guilty of something so fled. You don't leave a motorcycle friend behind.

5:37 PM  

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