Monday, October 24, 2011


Elyria – Early Sunday morning Elyria Police were called to the downtown McDonalds on Broad Street for a woman who had fallen asleep at the wheel in the drive-thru. When Police arrived they found the woman out cold with her head against the steering when and her foot on the brake. Officers pounded on the windows and yelled in an attempt to wake the sleeping driver. While Officers waited for Mug’s Towing to show up and pop the door lock they positioned a police car in front of the woman’s van – bumper to bumper – so if she let off the brake the van would not roll across the parking lot and down into the alley. When Officers pounded on the van the woman’s head would move causing the horn to honk, that didn’t even wake her up.

Once the door lock was popped Officers shook the woman until she woke up and started answering questions. She was then arrested for DUS and OVI.
While Officers were dealing with her they received a call from the McDonalds at East Broad and Abbe reporting someone had dozed off on a blue minivan in their drive-thru. In this case Officers were able to wake the man right away. After speaking with him and running a couple of tests they determined the man was just very tired and had fallen asleep at the wheel. He was not charged.

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