Monday, December 12, 2011


Avon Lake – On Thursday, December 8th at 11:52am the Avon Lake Police Department received a call of a possible carjacking at the Speedway Gas Station on Walker Road and State Route 83.

The caller reported a male had approached a woman after she has finished pumping gas and grabbed her from her vehicle and then got into her car in an attempt to take it. The female screamed for help and some other patrons came to her aid and grabbed the male and pulled him from the car. The patrons and some construction workers who were working on the parking lot at Speedway then held the male on the ground until officers arrived.

Avon Lake Police Officer’s arrived and placed the male into custody without further incident. The male was identified as Bryan Schiffbauer, 23 year old male from Euclid. He was charged with Robbery and assault. He is currently being held without bond at the Lorain County Jail.

The female victim, a 48 year old Avon Lake resident reported that she had observed Schiffbauer walking back and forth while she was pumping gas. She advised Officers that when she finished pumping gas and was getting into her vehicle, Schiffbauer approached her and held her car door opened and pointed something at her from inside his coat making her believe he had a weapon. She got out of the car and Schiffbauer got in the car and she yelled for help.

The two patrons, Ronald Cherni and Brian Williams came to her aid and pulled Schiffbauer from the vehicle and held him on the ground with the assistance of some construction workers that were also at Speedway until officers arrived.

No one reported any injuries as a result of the incident and there was no weapon located on Schiffbauer.


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