Sunday, January 23, 2011


Eaton Township – When driving you should always WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING. This could be in a car, on a bike or even on a snowmobile. You never know when you will run across that pesky fence.

Two men were snowmobiling late Saturday night in Eaton Township near Midview High School and everything was going well until that chain link fence snuck up on them.

Eaton Township Firefighters were called to the grounds behind the high school after the two men went through a fence post and a chain link fence. It was actually more like they went under the fence then through it. The collision ripped the two men off of the sled throwing them into the snowy field.

Firefighters treated both men at the scene before transporting them to Elyria Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. Both men were released the next morning.

While the men were being treated Deputies from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Officer made the trek out across the field to retrieve the cracked up sled. Once they inspected the crash site they returned with the snowmobile for it to be towed from the scene.

Deputies at the scene said they would decide on charges after their investigation.



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