Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Elyria – Marcus Thomas, the man charged with Felonious Assault in connection with the crash that left his girlfriend Erika Malone in critical condition Sunday, has a history of Domestic Violence.

In January of 2007 Police were called to 910 Lake Ave after Erika Malone, the same victim from last Sunday night, reporting that “Marcus Thomas was breaking items in the house – causing a disturbance.”

Officer spoke with Malone who told them that Marcus Thomas, the father of her child assaulted her. Malone stated that Thomas was upset over the fact that Malone allowed her sister to use her vehicle. Malone stated that Thomas became very upset and began tearing up the residence. Officers did observe several broken glasses in the kitchen and the refrigerator was tipped forward spilling all of the contents. Malone told police Thomas then tried to take her cell phone from her. Thomas then pulled Malone’s hair as she tried to push him off of her.

Malone told Officers that Thomas also came at her with a broom stick, poured bleach all over the floor, flipped the refrigerator, broke picture frames, slapped her in the face, bit her arm and scratched her neck. Officers did state in their report that they did not see any physical injuries on Malone.

Malone told Police that she did want to sign Domestic Violence charges on Thomas.

Officers found Tomas a few moments later down the street and stopped him. Thomas denied ever touching Malone. Officers observed a cut to Thomas’ lip; he told them that Malone had bit him.

Once Thomas was taken into custody Officers searched him and found a baggie with 6.0 grams of Marijuana.

Due to the severity of the damages in the house Officers believed that Thomas posed a serious threat to Malone if released.

Thomas plead No Contest on his charges and was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 88 days suspended. Pay all fines and costs to the court. Obtain Domestic Violence counseling as recommended and monitored by probation. Obey all laws for two years. Pay restitution to Malone for damages to the home.

The court also ordered Thomas to have no contact with Malone until he completed a “family violence program.”


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