Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Elyria – An Elyria woman was arrested early Wednesday morning after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the leg with a knife.

Police were called to 163 Bell Ave at 12:41 a.m. Wednesday morning for a reported stabbing. When Police arrived they found a black male standing in the roadway bleeding heavily from his leg.

The victim, 29 year old Deren Woods of Cleveland, told Officers that his children’s mother, 26 year old Melinda Gonzalez of Elyria, called him and asked him to come take his children. Woods said when he arrived he began questioning Gonzalez about her “placing more importance in calling men on her phone then taking care of her children.”

Woods advised that the argument continued in the front yard after he took the phone from her to search for other guy’s numbers. The argument continued while Woods held their small child in his right hand and placed the non-working cell phone into his shirt pocket. Gonzalez attempted to grab the cell phone and Woods pushed her away. It was at this point that Gonzalez stabbed Woods in the left outer thigh area, through his pants. Woods told Police there was no reason for her to stab him because he never attempted to hurt her.

While Woods was being interviewed other Officers entered the home and spoke to two small children, ages 10 & 3. The ten year old stated that the couple had been arguing for about thirty minutes before returning to the house. The child stated that Gonzalez attempted to call someone when Woods took the phone and placed it in his pocket. Gonzalez then went outside and entered the driver’s side of the car before returning outside. She said Gonzalez tried to grab the cell phone back from Woods, when he shoved her to the ground.

The child was unable to say when Gonzalez had gotten the knife, only saying that she believed she got it when she went into the car.

Woods was treated on the scene by Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics and was then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Firefighters had to use a water extinguisher to clear the blood off the roadway.

Police allowed Gonzalez time to have relatives come to the home to take custody of the children before placing her under arrest and charged with Felonious Assault (F2) and Domestic Violence (M1).



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