Monday, June 28, 2010


Story and Photos by BRIAN WOODS
Elyria – A house on West River Road South was set on fire for the 4th time Sunday night and even though this time flames were shooting out of the second floor windows – the structure still stands.

Firefighters were called back to 417 West River Road South after a neighbor who lives on Gateway Blvd. across the street spotted a small fire on the porch. When Firefighters first arrived they could not find a fire at first – then they spotted the small fire on the porch. As they approached the house they could see fire inside of the structure as well. Then within minutes fire was shooting out of second floor windows.

Neighbors said they saw a young boy, who they could not identify, running from the area as Firefighters were pulling up to the house.

Captain Bob Donofrio of the Elyria Fire Department said that the fire is currently under investigation to determine a cause. When asked if the fire was being listed as suspicious he only stated that the fire was under investigation by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Donofrio said that 8 Firefighters had to be called in off duty to assist.

Neighbors expressed their concerns about all of the arson fires in the neighborhood and their frustrations that nobody has been charged with any of the fires.



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