Thursday, March 25, 2010


Elyria – Patron’s at Ely’s Inn called Police to report that a black male had been exposing himself inside the bar late Wednesday night. When Police arrived the man was heading north on East Ave under the railroad bridge – patrons pointed at him and told Police “that’s the guy.”

Police yelled for the man to stop and talk to them several times but he just lowered his head, according to the Police report, and began to run. The man ran behind the JC Penny building towards the Black River. As Officers began to search the area they heard a loud splash and could see large swirls across the River in a west direction.

After 10 minutes of searching the Officers heard another splash. Then one Officer on the east side of the water saw the suspect, later identified as Andre Patton, swimming towards his side. The Officer watched Patton get out of the water and begin to climb up the shear bank of the river. The Officer ordered him to get on the ground. Patton continued to flee about another 50 feet down the river before he fell in again. The Officer following him had to give up his pursuit due to the dangerous conditions of the area.

Officers at the top of the hill on the East Ave side were able to spot Patton getting out of the water and ordered him to give up. Fatigued and still partially in the water Patton did give up – but now the question was how to get back up the hill to the Police Officers.

An Elyria Police Officer went down about 20 feet but had to be assisted back to the top of the hill due to the conditions.

Elyria Firefighters arrived and were preparing to assist Patton up the hill when he was able to get himself up high enough where Officers could grab him and get him to the top safely. Once at the top Patton was cuffed and arrested.

When Officers asked him his name he first advised Andre Gage, but later advised his real name was Andre Patton.

Officers spoke to the patrons at Ely’s who said Patton had been outside of the bar waiving a gun around but the two men that he was threatening had already left. Another woman said she heard the “clicking sound of a gun” but didn’t want to get involved.

Patton was charged with Resisting Arrest (M2) and Obstructing (F5).



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