Monday, December 14, 2009


Elyria – A Security Guard working the gate at 1864 Middle Ave feared that a car was going to strike him drew his gun and fired a shot at the car.

The Guard, Herbert Vandersommers, told Officers that just before 10 p.m. a green Ford Focus pulled into the main drive of 1864 Middle Ave and continued driving through the opened main gate. Officers learned the gate is inoperable and stuck in the open position. Vandersommers said he leaned out of the guard shack window yelling to the driver of the Ford Focus to stop, but the car continued driving into the complex.

Vandersommers said a few minutes later he walked into the complex and found the vehicle parked, unoccupied in front of “H” building. Vandersommers said he wrote down the vehicle’s registration and vehicle description and began walking back to the guard shack.

While walking back to the shack Vandersommers said he heard the sound of a car approaching him from behind, and when he turned to look, he observed the Ford Focus, occupied by a single black male. Vandersommers said he stepped to the side and began waving his arms at the vehicle for the driver to stop. Vandersommers said the vehicle accelerated and was driving directly at him. He again stepped to the side and the vehicle drove by him, almost sideswiping his body. Vandersommers said as the car passed him he drew his sidearm and fired a single round at the car, striking it in the left side of the trunk lid. Vandersommers said the car left the complex heading north on Middle Ave.

Officers recovered the casing from the fired round located on the main drive in front of “E” building.

A short time later an Officer spotted a car matching the description given out at the intersection of West Ave and Broad Street. The Officer pulled the car over and identified the driver as Claude Spence.

Officers said that Spence was observed not wearing his safety belt and found to be DUS. Spence said he loaned the vehicle out the previous night to a friend of “many” years, named “Sean”. Spence was unable to provide the last name of Sean or any other physical description other than he is a black male. Spence said he and his wife were recently evicted from their apartment on Tenth St. and were staying at the Journey Inn. Spence said the room is paid until the upcoming Wednesday and then they plan on moving into a house at the corner of West Ave. and Eleventh St. but was unable to provide an address.

Officers located a single bullet hole in the left side of the trunk lid.

Mr. Vandersommers was advised the Prosecutor’s office would review the incident.


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