Thursday, November 12, 2009


Elyria – The Lorain County Board of Elections declared that Stand Up Elyria has obtained enough signatures to force a recall election of Elyria Mayor William Grace.

The group fell short initially by just over 400 valid signatures when they turned in their petition the first time in mid October. The group hit the streets and returned on November 2nd with 902 signatures to be validated.

Today the Board of Elections said that of the 902 names 530 were valid signatures.

A group was just formed recently to combat Stand Up Elyria and their recall efforts. said they will work to inform citizens why they feel Mayor Grace should not be recalled and that he has done nothing to warrant such actions by citizens. also says that a recall now would cost the city too much money and now with talks of layoffs we shouldn’t be spending money on such things.

Craig Bevan, co-chair of Stand Up Elyria, says that now is the time to spend that money. “This Mayor and his administration has wasted so much money over the years, if he is allowed to spend another two, who knows how much more he’ll waste. It’s time for him to go and it’s time for the citizens of this town to stand up for Elyria.”

With the petition now being certified Mayor Grace would have 5 days to step down according to the rules of a recall. Mayor Grace has said that he will not step down rather he will fight to keep his job by telling citizens about the accomplishments of his administration. Grace said that he believes that he will win a recall election saying; “The group will find out that it is one thing to get enough names to force a recall election but it’s another to get enough votes to overturn an election that happened less than two years ago.”


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