Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Carlisle Township – Family, friends and fellow Firefighters from around Lorain County said Goodbye Monday morning to Carlisle Township Firefighter Ed Shepherd.

After a short service inside of Laubenthal Funeral Home on Chestnut Ridge Road, Shepherd’s casket, draped in an American Flag, was hoisted onto a vintage Carlisle Township Fire Engine.

The procession, lead by a Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputy, included Engines from Carlisle, Eaton, LaGrange and Wellington. Command vehicles driven by their respective Chief’s came from Avon, Sheffield Village and North Ridgeville. LifeCare Ambulance had Squads in the procession and at various intersections along the route.

The route included a drive past the new Carlisle Fire Station, that was being staffed by Oberlin Firefighters during the service, and then around the old Fire Station across the street before ending up in the LaPorte Cemetery on Butternut Ridge Road – just down from Shepherd’s home.

After a few prayers the Flag was removed from Shepherd’s casket, folded and handed to Shepherd’s wife by Carlisle Fire Chief Kevin Dembiec.

There was about a minute of silence after Dembiec presented Mrs. Shepherd with the Flag – the silence was then broken with loud alert tones from the Firefighters radios. It was a Lorain County 9-1-1 Dispatcher announcing a “Final Alarm” for Firefighter Ed Shepherd.

Rest in Peace Ed



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a Firefighter, What a Man, What a Leader. Though my time working with Ed was a short one (83-85) before I headed to Columbus. Ed had so much to offer as a Firefighter. He looked at me on one call and asked me if I was a Doctor while attending to a patient, of course I said no, and learned right then and there, that I keep my eyes open and mouth shut. We saw our share of fires and ems calls together and the wisdow that was learned from Ed help me try to become the best that I could be as Firefighter. Rest in Peace Ed. We all ride the Rig as you would have, with dedication and honor. Rest In Peace Brother

Ffr. Jeff Castle
EFD Engine Co. 3
Lorain Blvd @ Bell

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Heather Koon said...

I met Ed through my boyfriend, a Carlisle Firefighter. He was an amazing man with a BIG heart. He offered much wisdom to my boyfriend and others. His death was such a shock. May you RIP Ed. You will be FOREVER missed.

8:55 AM  

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