Monday, July 06, 2009


Avon – Customers and Sales Associates at the Avon Wal-Mart were evacuated after a strange odor filled the store.

Chief Frank Root of the Avon Fire Department complimented the management and associates at Wal-Mart for their quick thinking and good organization in getting all of the customers out of the building. “They really did a good job evacuating everyone without causing any panic and also for being such a tremendous help to us in getting us access to various parts of the building and really just having all the answers to the questions we had to find the source of the smoke and odor.”

Root said that at first they thought the source was air-conditioning units on the roof – but after a thorough search they discovered that it was coming from inside a computer room. “After the smoke became thicker and the odor changed and became more intense we did a more extensive search and found a UPS System where their computer system is for Wal-Mart. It was actually burning a battery rack in the UPS System – causing probably $10K in damages.”

There was really no smoke damage to the showroom area Root said, but the odor was throughout the building.

Sheffield Village and North Ridgeville Fire Departments assisted Avon at the scene.


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