Monday, July 06, 2009


Columbus - The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported five fatalities this Fourth of July holiday weekend, including two deaths stemming from ATV crashes and one from a motorcyclist. This is the least amount of fatalities during a July 4th holiday weekend since 1998, when four motorists were killed.

Last year 15 people were killed on Ohio roadways during the same reporting period.

This holiday weekend troopers arrested 556 impaired drivers and assisted 4,637 motorists. In addition to this year’s traffic enforcement efforts, the Patrol had 35 felony arrests, 117 drug violations and seized four weapons statewide.

The following Ohio traffic statistics are for the holiday weekend period of July 2 at 6 p.m. through July 5 at midnight.

The Breakdown:
State / Federal Highway – 1 Fatal Crash with an additional 3 injuries
County / Township Roads – 2 Fatal Crashes with 1 additional injury
City Streets – 2 Fatal Crashes with 1 additional injury

There were no reported Fatal Crashes on the Ohio Turnpike or any Interstate Highway – inside or outside a City.

Of the 5 Fatalities – 2 were not wearing their safety belts and 3 were not wearing helmets.


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