Sunday, May 31, 2009


Elyria – The details of a crash in the parking lot of the Target on West River Road Saturday evening are odd to say the least.

Witnesses say that an elderly man backed a car out of a handicapped parking spot – struck a parked car, then proceeded to drive forward again. When he pulled forward he drove up over a curb between signposts then struck cars parked in the next aisle.

The man’s wife told TMC NEWS shortly after the crash what had happened. According to her, their daughter drove them to Target and ran inside of the store really quick. While waiting for her to return the man decided to move the car. In the process he ended up causing a seven-car crash.

The wife, who is legally blind, said her husband is not supposed to be driving and feels terrible about what happened.

LifeCare Paramedics responded to the scene but the couple refused any treatment or transport.

All of the cars involved in the crash received minor to moderate damage and nobody was inside of the vehicles.

The Elyria Police Department is investigating the crash.

Brian Woods contributed to this story


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