Friday, August 15, 2008


Elyria Township – The HELP WANTED sign has been hung outside of the Elyria Township Fire Department on Griswold Road – They are looking for a few good men & women.

Captain Tim Midkiff of the Elyria Township Fire Department said that for various reasons their Department has been losing people. “We’re looking to add a few people to our family. Over the last couple of months we have had some people pick up and move on with their lives. Being a volunteer department people come and go as they please, time permitting they offer their time down here at the station to help – recently we have had a couple people move on and now we are looking to fill those shoes.”

Midkiff said they are looking to fill the position of Fir efighter / EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). “The best part of it is you can come in here with no certifications and no training, but if you want to work with our department we will send you to school and pay for the schooling for fire and EMS. The only catch there is that if we pay for it we expect to have two years of service from you and after the two years your commitment is complete.”

One of the requirements is that personnel live within 5 miles of the Township so not to delay response times.

Elyria Township Fire Department is considered “part time paid” department – that is their people get paid an hourly wage while they are on a call. To help speed up response times during the day their station is staffed with two people from 7AM to 7PM everyday.

Midkiff said there are many reasons why he feels this would be a good opportunity for people, especially those who have had an interest in the fire / EMS field. “This is a good place to get your feet wet and begin your career. Our department will pay for your fire and EMS school and we have training at the station ever Monday night. Our department works hard at keeping up with all of the latest technology and training for our personnel. If someone is looking to get onto a fulltime department this could be a good stepping stone for them, although we obviously would like them to stay with us we understand. Probably half of our department works for a fulltime department as well.”

Anyone interested in obtaining an application or just learning more about the opportunity to work with the Elyria Township Fire Department is invited to stop at their station anytime during the day between 7AM and 7PM. You can also call the department at 440.324.2973.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a maximum age requirement? This sounds ideal for someone that is middle-aged and has been laid off. Older workers can be quite more dependable and understanding than many of today's younger workers.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no age limit but obviously physical ablility comes into play. new hires will need to get a physical (paid for, of course). Also, the pay is per hour, per call... which means that you'd only get paid for the time that you are actually on calls. honestly, The amount of money doesn't add up to be very much. It ends up to be a little extra pocket change.


8:57 AM  

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