Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Lorain – A two-car crash in the intersection of Cooper Foster Park Road and Oberlin Ave began tying up traffic leading to a second crash just down the street.

Teresa Bowens of Lorain said she was sitting at a stop light on Oberlin Ave wanting to turn left onto Cooper Foster when she heard a truck come up along side of her. “I could hear his engine as he come up behind me, he was going so fast and then he went to make the turn onto Cooper Foster here but he couldn’t make the turn because of how fast he was going. He was just trying to make too sharp of a turn, there was no way he could do it. Not at that speed.”

Bowens said that the car that was struck was at the light wanting to make a left turn onto Oberlin Ave. LifeCare Paramedics treated and transported the driver of the car to Community Health Partners where she was later LifeFlighted to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland with serious injuries. The driver of the truck refused treatment or transport. The Lorain Police Department is investigating this crash.

While traffic began backing up a rear-ender occurred a little west of the crash on Cooper Foster Park Road in Amherst. There were no injuries at that crash. The Amherst Police Department is investigating this crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


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Great Pics of Amherst Police and Fire

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