Friday, March 07, 2008


Amherst – Amherst City employees, working at the Street Department early Friday morning. spotted smoke coming from a Taylor Street home and quickly notified the Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Jim Wilhelm of the Amherst Fire Department said when Firefighters arrived the found heavy smoke coming from the home and a fire in the rear of the structure. “We sent our first crew around back to start ventilation and to do some knock down of the fire, when they completed that we sent a second crew inside through the front of the home to finish knocking down the fire.”

Chief Wilhelm said nobody was home at the time of the fire, except for several small family pets who he believes all made it out alive.

Police from Amherst and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene after a family member continuly tried to enter the home during the fire. Firefighters had to remove him and although a brief struggle ensued no arrests were made. Authorities said that they understand how stressful it is for family members to see their home on fire.

Amherst Fire received mutual aid assistance from surrounding communities. Oberlin provided a RIT Team (Rapid Intervention Team) while South Amherst provided an Engine and manpower to the scene. Elyria Township Fire Department manned Amherst’s station during the fire.

Chief Wilhelm said that the American Red Cross has been called in and will assist the family. The Lorain County Fire Investigators were also called to the scene this morning.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


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