Sunday, February 10, 2008


Another Sunday’s here and as Ohio weather goes; check back in 15 minutes to see how it changes. Just as I finished burning all the timbers from the ark I started constructing last year; here came the floodwaters! So, I’ve just decided to put my house on stilts. Don’t know how, but it can’t be that hard right? I hope all your basements were dryer than mine. (ggrrrrrrr!)

So besides the weather, is there anything to talk about this week? I’ll sure do my darndest to think of something.

I hope everyone enjoyed the super bowl, I actually did not even know what teams were playing and I worked that Sunday, so I wasn’t forced to watch it. I am not a sports buff, but sometimes I go to the parties so I can eat all that great game food. But word has it the Giants won… by the way, who are the Giants? Oh well.

If we look back at this week I only have one person to point a finger at while my other hand covers my chuckling smile. That is the bozo that ran into the city truck. The bright orange, flashing city truck; I might add. What else do you need? A big black and white sign on the back of it that said, “Hey doofus: don’t rear end me!!” I’m guessing even that wouldn’t have been enough to prevent this from happening. Come on people!

I was sorry to see that the roof collapsed on the Elyria Flea Market, the only question I have is: Where are all the fleas gonna stay? That was bad, I know. But, I have one idea where those fleas aren’t going to be…on our newest addition to the EPD; Officer Tom Baracskai’s new k-9 partner Fokey. He got his name from his first Elyria drug bust. (When he sniffed out fo’ kilos of narcotics) I’m really racking up the bad joke scorecard today. Oh well. Welcome to the force! Okey Dokey Fokey?

On another, “up” note; I was very glad to see that the baby in the 4-car crash on 57 was not injured. It was a very dramatic picture of the firefighter carrying the baby in its carrier to the ambulance. But a testament to what our safety services encounter every day they punch in to work.

On an even higher “up” note, Decio Rodrigues was indicted on charges of Aggravated Murder, Robbery and Felonious Assault. Good to see the start of what may become a very just case, trial and judgment. I hope Decio has had a chance to see the effects of his actions and really take in the consequences too.

Sadly this week we’ve learned about the Elyria Harley closing it’s showroom after 70 years of our patronage. That means the only “hogs” left in Elyria will be those people who you see at the Buffet every Sunday. (Well, if you see them at the buffet every Sunday, you may be one of those hogs too.) I for one am definitely a Harley fan and if my wife wouldn’t insist that I have 4 doors on my vehicle, I wouldn’t have any.

There is a history of bike riders in my family, but I am the only one whose bike had pedals and a little bell that went, “Ding Ding.” Honestly, don’t you feel like it’s just another thing leaving Elyria? Is anything going to stay here? Maybe we need to get out the cement blocks and start weighing down our favorite stores and restaurants before the wind gets under their sails and they take off as well.

The Mall is a ghost town. (except, even a ghost wouldn’t buy a bed sheet there) It’s filled with junk stores that no one has heard of. The plazas are all filled with weird shops and I have no idea who is shopping there. But that’s just Elyria; don’t get me started on Lorain. Is there anyone out there who can turn these things around? I’m going to guess the answer is No. I’m not talking politics but I don’t care if the next President is a woman, a black guy, a veteran or Stuka the K9 cop. It’s going to take some major changes and unfortunately the only Presidential “hopeful” who knows where Lorain County is, didn’t make it out of the gate and is now up in his tree, making Keebler cookies. Not that I thought Kucinich even deserved a chance; but it would have been funny seeing him on TV with his ears always “out of frame.” But, that’s just me blabbering; I do hope that there is someone out there who has our best interest in mind. Because just when you think things can’t get worse, you get a “kick me” sign on your back; that and a foot in between your butt cheeks!

What a great segue! Speaking of butt cheeks… I never got a chance to weigh in my thoughts on the Abercrombie photo. It’s pretty obvious to me, that these kids were up to no good. I saw 2 guys pulling their pants up (if they were pulling them down, their thumbs would have been inside their waste bands). They are walking, the third guy is running to catch up and the girl (who is clothed) is lagging behind. Probably because she’s tired, if you know what I mean (and you know you do). But that’s what I see IN THE PHOTO! However, these (lawfully) adult models were just posing for a picture, and we are the ones who wrote the story, not them. A picture can only be interpreted by the person who is looking at it. It would be obscene to me if it was taken of 4 real teens, who were really doing something lewd or crass. It is obviously aimed and marketed for more than just some sex appeal, but also for debates and discussions that keep all the attention drawn towards them. As they say in the biz, “no press is bad press.” So that’s what I’d say about that. If you don’t like it, don’t go there and you can only make a real statement by doing just that. People love being in a free country, as long as it’s only free for them. You know?

Well, that’s all. I hope that spring is just raring itself to come at us full force, but as I look at my journal from last year, I see we were knee deep in snow last February. So we will see.
Remember this month has Valentines Day, Black History Month, and it’s the shortest month of the year. So, kill 3 birds with one stone: get your loved one an African American midget wearing a big bow with bouquet of roses and a handful of chocolates.

That’s all for me!

Be safe, be smart and be sure I won’t ever try my hand at stand-up comedy!



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