Sunday, February 24, 2008


I received an Email this morning from a long time TMC NEWS Gold Card member requesting help for a friend. The Gold Card member and his wife have been playing host for a woman who left her abusive husband and is trying to get on her feet to make it in this world on her own.

After spending a couple months with her friends she has secured an apartment where she hopes to make a home for herself and her two boys. She plans on moving into the new place on February 29th but is still in need of some necessities. This is where you people come in. I have said for years now that our readers are some of the best and most generous people in the world. When someone is in need, you are there ready to help.

So here is a short list of items needed. A set of bunk beds for the boys would be ideal, a bed for mom and a TV set. Our friends have already given her a couch, coffee table and dining room set. If you have anything else that you think might be of help to the mother and her two boys please let us know as well.

If you think you can help please contact me either through Email @ or by phone 440.610.2352 and I will put you in touch with our friends to make all the necessary arrangements.

As we look over the past few months and we see how many domestic violence cases have turned deadly, many people have asked: “why didn’t the woman get away from him?” Well, here we have a case where the woman is doing just that. She wants to make a better, safer life for herself and for her two young sons. Let’s see if we can help her make that move just a little bit easier.

Now start looking around the house and see if you have something that can help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a very brave woman. God bless you and your sons. I pray you find peace and happiness in you new adventure of starting over again. " stand tall and stand brave with you head held high" I pray God will wrap his lovings arms around your sons and you and hold you tight and he will give you the strength and courage to get you thru all of this.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a reason my last comment on this article wasn't published?

1:30 PM  

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