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Elyria – “Daddy shot mom, daddy shot mom.” Those are the words of one of James and Lynn Nolan’s daughters Tuesday afternoon after James fired multiple shots into her mother.

Elyria Police were notified at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon of a double shooting at 616 Cambridge Ave. Police, Elyria Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics all responded to the home.

TMC NEWS was on scene as Police Officers arrived and approached the home, with guns drawn. Officers quickly spotted 48-year-old James Nolan lying on the driveway next to the home. One of Nolan’s two teenage daughters was standing near him. Officers entered the home and found 37 year old Lynn Nolan inside with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper portion of her body.

Paramedics and Firefighters were on scene within minutes of the call and immediately entered the home to render care to Nolan.

Neighbors gathered around the home to see what had happened. One neighbor said that although they had marital problems they were nice people. They were shocked to learn what had happened in the little house across the street, they were shocked that it had happened in their quiet neighborhood. As neighbors and friends tried to comfort the Nolan girls one kept saying, “Daddy shot mom, daddy shot mom.” The girls, along with another family member were whisked away in a police car and taken to the police station.

Family and neighbors watched as Paramedics and Firefighters brought Lynn Nolan out of the house on the cot with her covered with a large red colored wrap. LifeCare took Nolan to Elyria Memorial Hospital where a LifeFlight helicopter was waiting. Shortly after arriving she was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Police say that Nolan had requested a ride from his daughters. When they arrived at the Cambridge Street home Nolan entered and began shooting his ex-wife. Nolan then walked out of the house through a side door by the driveway and shot himself once in the head. The girls, ages 15 & 17, went into the house and tried to help their mother until Police arrived.

Relatives are caring for the girls at this time.

The Elyria Police Department continues to investigate.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


Anonymous Elaine said...

Only God and this poor woman will ever know how much her husbnd abused her and made her fear for her life. Only those women who have been abused and in fear of their life know the horror one lives and sometimes die with. All the restraining orders in the world won't stop a shooting, stabbing, choking, or beating. No woman should ever have to live in fear of her husband or ex husband or soon to be ex husband. There is only one way to protect yourself ladies...get a permit to carry..load it and use it!!!!!!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get that gun, use it, and go to jail or worst your kids find the gun and Lifecare gets to go on another ugly call.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elaine, while I can understand the logic behind your comment, I cannot agree.
The only chance that a person really has to protect themself is to listen to your brain when your heart would over-rule basic commonsense.
There are basic signs that point to an abusive personality like jealousy, possessiveness, belittling speech, a need to control and manipulate and anger that comes out of nowhere at the least little thing followed by declarations of disbelief of their own behavior and promises not to behave that way again.
Abuse is no longer a female victim "disease". Now "pistol packing mama's" are turning the guns and knives on men and exhibiting the same aggressive, possessive, dominating traits that male abusers have always shown.
People need to date longer, be aware and recognize the early signs of an abuser and terminate the relationship before it gets out of hand and before you join your life to an abuser and expose yourself and your family to the explosions that eventually end up occuring.
Then maybe we might see less crimes like this.
My thoughts and prayers are with Lynn Nolan and her daughters while they try to overcome this tragedy. I hope that they can get support and move past this tragedy. Patsy

10:17 PM  
Anonymous karl said...

Sorry, Elaine, but I have to disagree with you on the gun idea. Far too often, we see stories of where the gun is turned on its owner (just look at what the hopped-up idiot in Lorain did to a grocery store owner) with bad results. What I would suggest however is a Taser. These are now legal in Ohio and will effectively stop someone quickly. It's a non-lethal alternative. The same risk exists with having it taken away, but it could be a life-saver without risking taking a life. If someone is coming at you with intent to harm, zap him and keep zapping him until help arrives. It could save your life or the lives of others.
You are correct regarding the uselessness of restraining orders and that no one should have to live in fear, but unfortunately there are unstable individuals out there (Mrs. Nolan's husband being an example). Therefore, please consider Mace, Pepperspray or a Taser first unless you are absolutely certain you can handle a gun. If protection is needed, I believe you have a right to it, but make sure it can't be turned against you with deadly results.
Hopefully, a fast recovery to Mrs. Nolan and that she and her daughters can now live in peace and overcome this occurence.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Dave said...


Elaine has made a great point. Mrs. Nolan knew that her situation was bad. She listened to her brain. She filed for the divorce and left that man. All of the right moves and decisions were made by Mrs. Nolan. The only thing that might have saved her life was being able to fight back and protect herself on a level playing field. The man's got a gun? Go out, get a CC permit, get some protection, learn to use it, practice with it, and if that moment comes, have it and use it. She would not go to jail. Who are the cops going to believe? The jilted lover who was seeing a Psychologist? Or a woman defending her life. Come on. Women would benefit as a group if these nut job husbands would know that the woman he was about to go put a beating on was packing heat or not. Patsy, you're a sensitive person. That's fine. But know that women have been fighting all these years for a level playing field. You can have it if you want it.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are on the outside looking into a household that no one knows anything about except the family that lives there. the information that has come forth is all from one side and there is always two sides to every situation. so what we can take from this situation is that we should not judge a person or household unless you live there or know the individuals, and we need to focus on the state of mind for the daughters and the issues they may have from this tragedy. who are we to look at the faults of others and we can't see our own, muchless look at your own marriage or relationship, how can you better your individual responsibilities with your family, spouse, or male or female friend? so until we as a people can take care of those issues first, we should not comment on something that we don't have answers to or know anything about.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, my point was not to undercut Mrs. Nolan's ordeal or the fact that she was making moves to extricate herself from a terrible situation.
My point was that if we(as "potential" husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends) listened when that little voice in our mind says "SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT HERE" and left before the situation escalated to violence and mental abuse, these situations would not happen because the "abuser" would not have a victim to abuse.
I am aware that some "abusers" play the game and act innocent and pure, sometimes for years. But there are still signs to watch for.
I encourage everyone to look it up on the internet and to learn the signs. Pass them along to your friends and loved ones. You may save a life.
Karls idea of a taser is a good idea. Self defense classes, Karate, Tai Kwan Do classes. Those are all good idea's. You might be surprised at how well Numchakas work, especially the ones with weight bearing balls on them. (I have worked with them extensively and can attest to them)
In some cases, I agree a 357 or a 9mm is the only solution to guarantee safety because that is the only choice that someone who has been beaten and mentally abused for years has. The system can only do so much with these people.
But preventing a situation is the best for everyone concerned.

As for me being a sensitive person: :) :) :) Lets just say that I am a reformed REDNECK who is trying to make my little patch of the world a better place for everyone I can.
Thats just my food for thought though, Patsy

2:24 PM  
Anonymous karl said...

Regarding Patsy's comment on leaving before the situation escalated, it appears that is what the woman in this case tried to do and the abuser followed (pursued) her to her new place of residence. Sometimes, unfortunately, leaving doesn't solve the problem. Was this woman just supposed to keep moving whenever this guy caught up with her? She had a right to a peaceful life and it appears the abuser didn't want to let her enjoy that right. Hopefully things will improve for her now and she can move on to a better life.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl, I said: "My point was that if we(as "potential" husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends) listened when that little voice in our mind says "SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT HERE" and left before the situation escalated to violence and mental abuse, these situations would not happen because the "abuser" would not have a victim to abuse."
Meaning if it is stopped in its earliest stages, when you are dating someone,when you are a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/ potential husband/wife, that the abuser would no longer have a victim.
My statement was meant to reflect ways to recognize an abuser before you are that heavily involved with someone.
I apologize if my wording was too obscure. Patsy

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats the matter?? You dont want to post comments that point out unproffesional acts by law enforcement officers??? Post the comment about the tacky move from the EPD officer taking pictures with his camera phone! If you dont, I will be sure to send those pictures to 19 action news explaining what happened, where I got the pictures and how you refuse to post comments about the issue and then I hope you become very hated by EPD EFD and Lifecare afterwards you Coward! Dont be a Bias website. You give us the abilities to post comments but you only post comments that you like?? I didnt say anything bad or vulgar. If I dont see my original post within 24hours I am sending those pictures away and I hope EPD gets in some trouble and I hope they blame it on you and then your little site will be nothing anymore. All of this is avoidable

Mark Miller
Elyria Resident

12:44 PM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

Dear Mr. Miller,
I would like to address your allegations that your comments were not posted because we are biased towards the Police.

First, your first two comments were sent unsigned. If you refer to our comment policy you will see that any unsigned comments stand a pretty good chance of not getting through.

**Therefore, effective immediately: the editors of TMCNEWS.NET will moderate ALL comments. Slanderous, comments will not make it through. Anonymous comments stand a pretty good chance of not making it through either, so keep that in mind when you are writing your remarks.**

To read the entire posting about comments here is the link:

Second, after reading your comment with the accusation that an Officer was taking pictures with his cell phone, I reviewed the photos. Although I did see one photo where it appeared that an Officer had a cell phone in his hand, it was not pointed in the direction of the man on the ground. As a matter of fact, the Officer was looking toward the street and not even looking in the direction of the man on the ground.

Third, even if there was a photo of an Officer taking a photo of the man on the ground, I think it would be slanderous of anyone to speculate that he was doing it to “show it to his buddies” as you stated in your unsigned comments. With only your imagination and no facts you posted that was what he was doing. That unfounded, slanderous comment never stood a chance of getting through.

Lastly, your “threat” of sending the photos to 19 Action News if you don’t see your original post within 24 hours is just ridiculous. You are welcome to do so if you would like because those original posts are long gone and will not be seen on this site. I can guarantee you that they will also see that your claims are have no validity. To save you time, here is the Email for the News Director at 19 News; - his name is Dan Salamone.

I will allow you this opportunity Mr. Miller. If you truly believe that an Officer was taking photos with his cell phone and you are so truly upset over that issue, then I welcome you to write a full commentary and submit it to TMC NEWS. I will post the commentary, in full and unedited, on the main page. There is only one condition however. You must have your true name attached to it and TMC NEWS MUST be able to verify it.


Terry M. Costigan

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You tell em' Terry. I have a feeling I know who wrote that message and just because he had his brush with the fine Officers of the Elyria Police Department a few weeks ago, does not give him the right to try to slander those guys. The yuppy that I believe wrote this comment is a fellow co-worker who saw that picture and went off on a RANT!! Oh FYI his name isn't Mark Miller(~!Cought!~ Ralph ~!Cough!~). Who's the coward Now?? I just love how alot of people HATE the police but who is the first person they call when they come home and find an intruder in their home? You guessed it.. THE POLICE(in my case it would be lifecare.. the intruder would probably have a 9mm round in his ass. :-)

FINE JOB EPD! Keep Up the Good Work!! and Fine Job TERRY! Keep these stories coming! You save me alot of money! I am no longer a subscriber to Chronicle Telegram because you report stories that I actually care about!!! Good Job to ALL of our public saftey officers!


3:27 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Terry, you know I love you bro, but I kinda have to agree that in the image labeled IMG_0039_0029_029 it definitely appears that the officer is taking a photo of the body. I noticed this the first time I flipped through the pictures, but decided against making a statement about it. Now that I've read your response to a very "unprofessional" Mr. Miller, I have to disagree with you and point it out. The officer really appears to be pointing his phone at the deceased in a manner that is typically associated with taking a picture. I don't think 19 Action News really cares. My thought when I saw it was that it was disrespectful, but probably not illegal. Just my opinion Terry. You know I love ya! Keep writing them good stories and snapping those amazing pictures.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry, keep up the good work!
I for one really appreciate the effort that is put into portraying the news in such a speedy fashion and the time and effort that you put into TMC.

First of all, let me point out that TMC is a FREE service that Terry is offering to the public.
No one is forcing you to read it or to comment on the stories that Terry decides to cover.
By the same token, in the Internet world, Terry is the Administrator of TMC.
Terry is being more than fair, despite your "strong arm tactics" in offering you a commentary. I am not so sure that most people would even offer you a commentary after the rude way in which you "spoke".
It is at Terry's discretion which stories get covered, how they are covered, which pictures make the site and which comments are deemed appropriate and which are not.
From the tone of your comment, it seems that you are seeking "Whistleblower" coverage and are angry because Terry did not accomidate you. Get over it.
If there are pictures in your possession that show an officer of the law acting inappropriately, you should turn them over to the officers supervisor (and if you really are desperate for your 2 minutes of fame, contact the news stations.) It is the Police Departments job to determine whether an officer acted inappropriately in this type of situation. But they can't decide that if they are not aware of the situation.
So in essence: Mr. Miller, Ralph or whoever you are in your daily life, you are as much to blame as anyone. Patsy

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Eric L. said...

Wow. Hey Mark, last time I checked taking pictures is not illegal. Secondly, how do you know its a cell phone? Cops carry cameras with them for shit like this. Its called a crime scene! Go to circuit city and I can bet you can find a camera that resembles whatever is in his hand.

You probably once got a ticket and has held a grudge ever since. You deserved it, I'm sure. Grow up.

"All of this is avoidable" .......... ahahaha! You sound like a Nigerian scammer. Did you send me an email last week?!?

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey people can we not forget. that there are two young children that have to live the rest of their lives with this image and god forbid they have to read all the crap some people write. and unless you walk a mile in an abused persons life please keep your comments about how easy it is to get away or how to look for signs. we have all been in relationships that were not good but at the time we were in LOVE. unfortunatly some of us get out and others don't. please let this family heal.

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That police officer has access to the full 8 by 10 color glossy photos with circles and arrows and a paragraph on each one stating what it is(sing the song "Alices Resturant" with me). If he did take pictures with is camera phone WHO CARES?? It's not like he couldn't get his hands on photos afterwards! And if your only B!tch is there is a Elyria Officer taking a picture of a dead guy on his camera phone then I think we are in pretty damn good shape. This Mark/Ralph fellow acts as if the officer drew on the mans face with a sharpie marker,positioned the body in an obscene way then took the pictures and Posted them on his "Myspace"! Now Sorry Patsy usually I dont agree with a whole lot of your comments(no offense,everybody is entitled to there own opinons and beliefs) I do have to agree with one main point you brought up and that is that this gentleman(and i use that term losely) is nothing more than a whistleblower. If everyone in this world payed more attention to there own sh!t and stopped worrying about everybody elses business, the world would be a much better place! Thank you Elyria Police for your service and thank you for putting your ass on the line everyday for the citizens of this city. And as for this Mark Guy..Go screw!!
PS: Eric I think I got the same e-mail from the Nigerian Scammers...Interesting?:)


4:01 AM  

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