Wednesday, January 16, 2008

“He stabbed me, he stabbed me”

“He stabbed me, he stabbed me, don’t let me die.” Those are the words Elyria Police Officers heard when they arrived on scene at 1107 East Ave Tuesday night.

Officers found Natelle Sims on the front porch of 1107 East Ave with blood covering his shirt and Johnny Jackson III holding his hand over the wound to keep pressure. Officers asked Sims “who did this” but Sims would not say who stabbed him.

Markell Devon Fenderson was uncooperative with Officers; he would not stop yelling at Natelle and was being held back by people who were also at the residence.

Everyone at the residence first told police that the stabbing did not take place in the home and that they did not know who did it. Later one of the witnesses spoke to an Officer outside telling him that Fenderson stabbed Sims and that she was scared to tell initially because she is afraid of what Fenderson might do to her. Police arrested Fenderson and charged him with Felonious Assault. Fenderson was booked into the Elyria City Jail.

Police collected clothing and the knife used in the stabbing from the scene as evidence.

Sims was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital from the scene then flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. He has since been released and is at home where he is refusing to comment on the incident.


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