Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Elyria Police responded this afternoon to Gates Ave after neighbors called in a possible stabbing in the 200 block.

Officers were told that the suspect in the stabbing was a black male riding a bike, he was found, covered in blood, on Gates near Middle Ave by Officers.

LifeCare Paramedics and Elyria Fire Department were dispatched to both the residence at 212 Gates, for the victim, and to the corner for the suspect. Both men were treated on scene by Medics and Firefighters then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital where they were both flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. The victim at the house had multiple stab wounds and was bleeding profusely; the injuries to the suspect are still unclear.

Chris Harrold who lives a couple doors down from 212 Gates said he could hear a woman yelling for help so he ran outside to see what was happening. “This lady come over here and was like they’re stabbin him, they’re stabbin him go help him, so I ran over to the house and I heard Quit stabbin him Quit stabbin him and I could hear them scuffling in the house so I turned around and called the Police.”

Harrold said he then saw the two men come out of the house. “I saw the Chris dude and the other dude come out of the house, I don’t even know who the other dude was, the black dude. I just saw a bunch of blood and then the black dude hopped on a bike and took off.” Harrold said that he watched as the suspect went a couple doors down and ducked between the houses returning a moment later but without the knife. Police Officers later found the knife behind the house where Harrold saw the suspect go.

Elyria Police Detective Bureau is investigating the incident.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE - WARNING: Photos are graphic


Blogger Patrick said...

WHY is the Fire Dept showing up to stabbings if they're understaffed? Why would they show up at all? Let Life Care do their jobs.

11:30 PM  
Blogger silverdud said...

sounds like a drug deal gone bad, if this is the case let the trash take out the trash. this is one circumstance where the longer response time by the under-staffed fire dept. wouldn't have been such a bad thing.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...


1:25 PM  
Anonymous James said...

silverdud said what was needed lol

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because the fire department is understaffed, doesnt mean that they still cant attempt to do thier job the best that they can. BTW, it is Lifecare that requests the FD to help.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous llt said...

Hey paatrick do you know what a first responder is???? The EFD does more than fight fires. They have a job to do and they do it well, unlike uneducated pot smoking pricks like yourself. You know people like you, who need help for stupid reasons like getting high. Ditch the leaf man, it makes you look like an asshole. GROW UP!!!!

3:11 PM  

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