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This recent story troubled me so much I wanted to voice my opinion and to also find out what others thought. Here is the story:

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge last week cleared James Smith, 28 of Lorain, of Domestic Violence and Child Endangering charges. Judge Burge said that the Prosecutor did not prove their case saying “they failed to prove the necessary element of the crime”, that being that Smith’s 8 year old son had suffered serious physical harm and that the punishment was excessive.

The boy has been in trouble at school and Burge said that Smith had tried several other ways of punishing his son including grounding and taking away various toys and video games. The man then resorted to corporal punishment only after believing he had no other options.
The Police released a photo that they took a day after the father punished the boy showing large red marks across his back. Police and Children Services, after seeing the injuries, were concerned by the seriousness of the injuries. Judge Burge is on record saying that the injuries looked worse than they actually were. Judge Burge said the injuries cosmetically looked bad but he didn’t see any deep tissue problems, only red marks.

Judge Burge used corporal punishment while raising his own children and believes more parents and teachers should do the same. He also has stated that he believes Smith is a good father.

Smith has a record of Domestic Violence and drug charges but Judge Burge said that Smith has not been arrested in the last several years.

I would think that first and foremost the concern should be for the child. As I read the reports in the C-T and Journal it appeared to me that perhaps Judge Burge has his own agenda here. He may believe in corporal punishment but when does it go too far? By looking at the photos and knowing that the Police and Children Services believed Mr. Smith had gone too far, not to mention Prosecutor Will’s office, I believe Judge Burge made a horrible mistake and I fear for that child in the hands of his father. I just hope I don’t see a story soon where this child is injured again or dead. Will Judge Burge still think that Mr. Smith is a good father then?

I would like to know what other people think about Judge Burge’s decision. Maybe I am wrong.

Michael Petruzzi


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Anonymous Jay said...

Personally I feel that this child maybe needed a good ass beating to set him staight. So many kids have no respect for there parents and are into trouble. Parents today were raised getting a spanking or grounding and when you continued to not listen it became more punishment. Today in society it is a totally different picture because you cant lay a hand on your child because they are taught in school if your Momy or Daddy hit you call the police. So when these kids get diciplined they are usually running to the phone calling the police. I GURANTEE THAT THIS KID PROBABLY GOT HIS ASS BEAT HARDER ON THE STREETS THAN WHAT HIS DAD DID TO HIM TRYING TO MAKE HIM THINK AGAIN BEFORE HE DOES SOMETHING STUPID. I can bet that this kid isnt going to get in trouble as long as his father is around. WHO KNOWS MAYBE HIS DAD WENT DOWN THE SAME TROUBLED PATH HIS SON IS HEADING DOWN AND HE DOESNT WANT TO SEE HIM GO THROUGH WHAT HE WENT THROUGH. I dont belive in just beating a kid for fun. It makes me sick when innocent kids get hurt by there parents but in this situation I dont think this kid was innocent. The funny thing is I am only 20yrs old and I can see why kids arent scared to kill or hurt other people. Its because we have to many rights. Police cant decipline like they used to. kids arent scared of the police or there parents. I am so thankful i was raised in a home where RESPECT was pushed on me. When i did something wrong i was diciplined and I never did it again. I turned out great with a perfect clean record, no encounters with the police except that i am training with the police. I am sorry if I hurt anyones feelings but that is the truth.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Judge Burge, More kids need this kind of punishment, When I was younger, my mother would not think twice of slapping me in the face, washing my mouth out with soap, beatting my ass for the littelst of things. Today, the same kids are robbing, selling drugs, rapping, murdering. and the parents are afraid to do anything but talk to the kids, TO HELL WITH THAT I SAY. Show them some pain, show them you are the parent and are concerned for their well being. Im thankful that my mom did what she did,I didnt like it when it happened, but I didnt do something that was going to get me an ass beating for it. So Thank you Judge Burge for letting us as parent to take chage of our kids without fear of charges being filed agaist us for child abuse.

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Blogger Fred said...

I do believe in corporal punishment. I sincerely wish they had never taken it out of schools. I was witness to the decline of schools in the years after the paddle was no longer an option. It was sad then, it's even more sad now. I have two children and I spank them both. One is ten and the other is five. And to be honest with you, the older they get the less they've had to be spanked. I leave the spanking for only the most egregious offenses.
But in saying all this I think the father in this case was something a parent should never be when discipling their child, out of control. I've seen a smack on the mouth, a rap on the knuckles, maybe even a smack to the back of the head, but when it came to the belt it was always an unwritten rule that you stay below the waist. It's called an "ass whoopin", not a "back whoopin". I do think the father should have to attend some anger management classes, especially with his prior DV conviction, and learn to discipline under control. Burge is a good guy, and I can only hope he had a talk with the father afterwards about his poor decision to whip his son. If you're going to spank your kids, be the adult, be in control.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME! There needs to be more judges like him! I WOULD BET THAT I AM ONE OF THE MOST ANGRIEST PARENTS OUT HERE! THIS SUBJECT AND THE STORY INVOLVED HAS PROVOKED ALOT OF ANGER IN ME AND I HOPE THIS COMMENT WILL POST! THIS NEEDS TO BE SAID! AND IF YOU READ ALL THIS POST TO THE VERY BOTTOM YOU WILL SEE WHY! These punks out here today think they control the show now because they know damn well they will get away with it because WE LET THEM! OUR LAWS ARE LETTING THEM! They get away with back talking and being disrespectful and now days they aren't just misbehaving-now days there are kids on the news murdering their parents and shooting up other kids in school- AND THEY ONLY GET A SLAP ON THE WRIST! PARENTS EVERY WHERE I ASK YOU!-How on earth did it come to this?! WE LET THEM! WE AREN'T PAYING ENOUGH ATTENTION TO OUR KIDS! WE DONT TALK TO THEM ENOUGH! We got all these Doctors telling us there are other ways to punish our kids- that hitting is bad- well it never hurt me when I was younger! I dont believe in hitting with a belt across the back or anywhere else other than the ass...that is the only wrong I see done here...the father could have handled it differently- but I am sure not one of us know the whole entire complete story either because we were not there living in that house! That boy is supposed to be 8 years old and notice how he is dressed! His boxers shorts exposed with his pants low dressed like the thugs do now-as if that is acceptable especially at the age of 8! We only know what the media tells us-and it usually is the childs version- not the parents. We are living in a world now where we are freaking scared of our OWN kids- and it shouldnt be that way! We dont know what else to do! My kids are 10 and 9 years old- they did get spankings when they were younger when they deserved it-when time outs and privelages being taken away no longer worked. Now when I go out to the store or public to eat-I get compliments from complete strangers how well behaved my daughters are! They have manners and know right from wrong because I tought them and I have no regrets what so ever! We got mothers and fathers out here who dont give a ratts ass about their kids and these mothers and fathers let their kids come and go as they please and dont care enough about their kids to stop the bs before its too late and then we get stories like this in the news....and we wonder why our daughters are growing up withs goals of wanting to be strippers and our sons want to be thugs and drug dealers-even the young girls are dealing drugs now! and having sex as low as the age of 8!YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! I HAVE HEARD KIDS TALKING AROUND MY NEIGHBORHOOD-WHICH I WILL BE MENTIONING LATER IN MY POST HERE! SO QUIT BEING IN DENIAL ALL YOU PARENTS WHO ARE READING THIS DOUBTING EVERY WORD I AM SAYING! YOU DOCTORS AND PARENTS WHO SPEND SO MUCH TIME PROTESTING WHY WE SHOULD NOT BE HITTING OUR KIDS- SHOULD START TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF AND BE ASKING YOURSELVES WHY WE SHOULD BE PRACTICING CORPORAL PUNISHMENT CONSIDERING TODAYS TROUBLES WE FACE ALL ACROSS AMERICA!!! IT SHOULD MAKE US SICK AS PARENTS!!! Parents let kids get away with too much today! And the parents that dont put up with it end up being the bad guy! Let me tell you! I have a friend whose daughter walks all over her mother- her daugther is only about 11 and in 6th grade and has been kicked out of her school and she is very unruly and extremely disrespectful and even threatens to hit her mother! She also disrespects any and all other adults and throws tantrums when she does not get her way! She has lost complete control of her own house! Her mother now suffers from severe anxiety attacks and cries all the freaking time because she doesnt know what else to do. No one will help her and it is to the point I want to write Maury Povich and beg him for help for her and send her daughters ass to bootcamp! So maybe all these doctors and parents who say it is wrong should put their money where there mouths are if they think their theories are so damn right and let them come live in these households where all this bs is going on and let them put up with the shit we do! I would also like to mention that I live in low income housing and I actually have a college degree in the medical field and I am only here because I have no where else to go at the moment- I am one of the few mothers out here who actually keeps tabs on their kids and gives a crap what is happening in their lives and I monitor who their friends are...I participate in their education and give them encouragement when they doubt themselves. I GIVE A CRAP UNLIKE MOST OF THE MOTHERS WHO LIVE OUT HERE! I live nextdoor to a house full of kids ranging from about 3 to 17 -6 kids in all and the mother is a truck driver and leaves her 17 year old in charge at all times while she is driving all over the country. These kids come and go as they please. The 17 year old girl locks the younger kids out when she has boys over. I can come home at any given time of they day- even up til 1 am when they should be in bed sleeping...and there will be about 15 teenage kids (and some even about 8 or 9) on my front porch and they throw basketballs at my front door and knock on my door and run and hide and they even hit my daughters leg with a bee bee gun last friday- when I ask them to stop the crap they talk back and threaten to fight me....and call me racists just because I ask for respect! The teenage girl informed me that she is the one in charge and is the "adult" and that any problems we have we are to come to her! I ALMOST FELL OVER LAUGHING! I Could not believe what I was hearing with my own ears! I have called the police and the landlord and I have showed them the video we taped of all this unruly behavior going on...does anything get done about it? NO! The landlord did tell the mother she would call children services herself if she did not get an adult to sit with her kids from now on- but NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Children services have been called but when they knock on the door they pretend they are not at home! The cops only asked the kids to stop- but when we call them when something new happens the punks scatter like cock roaches and we are unable to pin point who exactly did what! They have even been opening my mail and reading it and putting trash in my mailbox and all over my yard! Now my daugther is getting shot with bee bee's and I am ready to flip out because I dont know what else to do and I can not afford to move somewhere else. I have asked my landlord to relocate us to another street but she said she is not sure that it will be that easy. WHY THE HELL NOT?! I am scared this is going to become a racial conflict and get terribly out of hand even more than it already is! I cant complain to the landlord much more without fear of being evicted. I keep to myself out here and don't bother anyone. SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT AM I TO DO?! MY DAUGTHERS SAFETY IS AN ISSUE BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE'S PUNK ASS KIDS- WHO HAVE A MOTHER WHO IS NOT DOING HER DAMN JOB AS A PARENT! SEEMS TO ME SHE NEEDS TO QUIT HER DAMN TRUCK DRIVING JOB AND SETTLE FOR A LOCAL JOB LIKE THE REST OF US SINGLE MOTHERS DO AND START GETTING CONTROL BACK OF HER KIDS! THEY ALL COULD USE A GOOD OLD FASHION ASS WHIPPING! MAYBE THEN WE WOULD START SEEING A DROP IN CRIME AND OUR KIDS WILL START GETTING BETTER GOALS AND MAKING BETTER DECISIONS SO THAT WHEN THEY BECOME ADULTS THEY WILL BE SMART ABOUT THE CHOICES THEY MAKE AND THEY WILL ACTUALLY BECOME A BETTER ADULT BECAUSE OF IT! MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY WILL LEARN THE MEANING OF THE WORD "RESPECT" AND ACTUALLY MIGHT APPLY IT AS THEY SHOULD! THEY HAVE DONE SO MUCH TO US THAT YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN EVICTED BY NOW! BUT THEY ARE STILL HERE TORTURING US ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS! THE ONLY THING I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO COME UP WITH IS TO DOCUMENT WHEN THESE THINGS TAKE PLACE AND ONCE THE SHIT HITS THE FAN-WHICH ITS ABOUT TO! I HAVE ALL THIS AS BACK UP TO DEFEND MYSELF AND MY DAUGHTERS! PLEASE! IF YOU KNOW HOW TO HELP ME GET THIS SETTLED FOR GOOD (OTHER THAN MOVE) PLEASE TELL ME! I AM ALSO CONTEMPLATING CONTACTING FOX 8 NEWS!...BUT AM NOT CERTAIN THAT ANYONE CAN HELP ME AT THIS POINT ESPECIALLY IF THE COPS AND LANDLORD HAVEN'T DONE SO ALREADY! CONSIDERING WHERE I LIVE (in Elyria, WESTWAY GARDEN APARTMENTS)-SOMEONE COULD END UP DEAD BEFORE ITS ALL SAID AND DONE- AND IF IT IS ONE OF MY DAUGHTERS OR ME I CAN ASSURE YOU SOMEONE IS GOING TO HAVE A MAJOR LAWSUIT ON THEIR HANDS!IN THE MEAN TIME...WE NEED TO BE VOTING FOR MORE JUDGES LIKE HIM! OTHERWISE SOME OF US PARENTS ARE GOING TO END UP BEATEN OR KILLED BY OUR OWN CHILDREN! PERHAPS WE NEED A MORE LOCAL KIND OF BOOTCAMP STYLE PUNISHMENT PLACE WHERE WE CAN PLACE OUR UNRULY KIDS IN WHEN WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO! AND TAKE THESE KIDS TO JAIL AND GIVE THEM A TOUR AND HAVE THEM SIT AND MEET WITH MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN LOCKED UP SO THEY CAN BE EDUCATED ABOUT WHERE THEIR FUTURES MIGHT END UP TAKING PLACE! BETTER YET TAKE THEIR ASSES TO A FUNERAL HOME AND SCARE IT INTO THEM EVEN MORE FOR THOSE WHO REALLY NEED A SERIOUS WAKE UP CALL! WAKE UP PARENTS! LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW!!!!!


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Anonymous Elaine said...

Wow, alot of anger out there and I can say there is every reason to be angry when you look at todays youth. I have 5 who is raised in a home with a mom and a dad who take the time with her, involve her in sports, are involved in her life and her friends life, see that her education comes first..and sees that she has just about everything she wants. She is a good, respectful kid...15 years old and goes to Brookside. On the other hand I have a daughter who has 4 children....15, 13 12, and 9 years old. They have been raised in a home with a dumbo boyfriend as live in who worked very litte and spent all of his spare time on the internet and playing video games. My daughter worked her butt off to provide for the kids and the dumbo...she finally threw him out after 15 years but things have become worse...the kids were disrespectful before, now they are totally out of control...she works nights and has to leave the oldest in charge..that's like leaving a goldfish in a tank of sharks!!!! She has no choice but to what do ya do with the kids??? They have no discipline, they run the house, they run her, hell they would even run me if I let them..I even hate to be around them because they have foul mouths and are like bulls in a china shop. I am depressed over they way they have just taken control. Not only is the mom to blame but all of us are to blame for the way the kids are. They are allowed to dress like little hoodlums...I bitch all the time when I see the boxers hanging out of their jeans that are almost around their ankles...I think it is pathetic...the little girls dress like are allowed on the computor, most unsupervised, and they are in chat rooms and "my space" talking who knows what shit!!!!!! I disagree with it all but what can I do, I am only the grandmother...?????????? No one has said what the real problem is here....everyone is talking about ass whooping and slaps in the face BUT...if God were still allowed in our schools and parents would attend church with their children I do believe there would be less of the situations there are today. If the internet were gone...if so much priority was not put on being skinny....if the clothes ads weren't all directed at hookers and hoodlums....if respect were taught in schools...if drug dealers were put away for life...if child molesters, rapists, abusers, thugs, wife beaters were put away for life....if the draft were reinstated so the thugs and thugestts had a place to go to learn to become good men and women...if all the rap music was banned....THEN maybe THEN..things would change. But as long as all we do is sit around and "BITCH", the kids will still be running the assylum.....
Yes, we need to discipline the kids..on their butt...not their backs...we need to raise the kids up in love not in hate....we need to praise our kids not yell at them all the time...we need to spend time on the kids, not just money...and we need to bring CHRIST into their lives and our lives...

3:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the post above me hit the nail right on the head! sadly christianity has lost its place in the home- alot of non believers out there! and that is something that is not going to go away-unfortunately! until we start realizing this issue as well-these other issues are just going to keep spiraling out of control the way they are! christianity and the bible will always be in my home and I am proud of it! WISH OTHERS WOULD DO THE SAME....LORD KNOWS THEIR "OTHER" APPROACHES ARE NOT WORKING ON OUR CHILDREN!!!! HIGH FIVE ELAINE! WELL SAID!


3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutley respect for parents is running amuck in this time of our lives. Dicipline and respect should be demanded, but you shouldn't have to wear 'being' diciplined. Bob

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm more disgusted by the judge, or by the commenter's on this blog. The only 2 opinions are "yes, beat his ass" or "Christ"? The fact that ignorance like this exists is the reason children, and bad parents behave the way they do. Forget God in schools - maybe if MORALS were taught in HOMES... then again, that would require the parents to have morals, which this one clearly doesn't. If that father was raised in a house where he was beaten, and his method of child rearing was so perfect, then why was this child acting up in such a severe manner to deserve such severe punishment? It doesn't make sense, people - and I pity your children. This father should be required to take parenting classes, and if any of you are or become parents, you should be required to do the same thing.


8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can say that it is about time that the courts let parents be oarents. I can say I never got a beating that I did not deserve. I see these kids now a days talk to teachers and there parents with no respect. I also coach a girls softball team (10 and under) and have had a problem with one of the girls talking to me in that manner, when I went to her parents they said that they teach there kids to say what ever is on there mind at any time no matter what or how they say it. I do not agree with that at all.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Good for this Judge. I think he made the right call, a tough one, but the RIGHT call!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that finds it hard to believe that the picture is of a 8 or 9 year old boy? Looks more like a 16 year old to me.


9:37 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

Michael, I agree with you. It is VERY troubling. This goes beyond the realm of spanking.

Judge Burge has just validated a man WITH domestic violence AND child endangering on his record to keep hitting this child.

When, in Judge Burge minds will it become a crime? When he bleeds? Needs stitches or had to be lifeflighted or even BURIED. Why do we have to wait for that to happen?

When I divorced my husband I was working at an animal hospital making min wage. I got my grants, started paramedic school, went on welfare AND raised my two kids too boot.

Here is what I did not do....I didn't leave em to their own devices, we were poor and there wasnt alot of time..we did things that were not expensive..librarys, parks, dollar movies, etc...

AKA I SPENT TIME WITH THEM. Listened to them, loved them. They turned out to be exemplary human beings, my son just returned from Africa after a tour in Somalia, as a Seabee. My Daughter is working on her clinicals to become an RN.

My younger children are just as thoughtful and respectful as my older two are. One cannot put a price on time spent with a child. I wonder how it is in that childs home? I am a HUGE advocate against domestic violence, it is a personal cause of mine.....

Life is not like it was yrs ago when I grew up, in fact, my parents are still married. Yes, life is busier, schedules hectic and people (even I) do not sit around the table for dinner every nite as I used to to share as a family events of the day.

We make time. We have stayed up till 2 am in the morning, all of us playing board games and laughing till we cried. Younger and older siblings. Doesn't cost a thing.

As a 911 operator I can tell you, it is true, parents call all the time for children out of control. Children need respect and they need discipline and rules and you dont have to beat them to get it.

Getting hit instills fear, not respect.

10:25 AM  
Blogger twoturn62 said...

What about the mother that raised the daughter that isn't raising her children properly? What about the parents that raised the mother that raised the daughter that isn't raising her children properly?

It is easy to blame todays parents. But who taught us to be parents?

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, I have to say I agree with all the comments . If you just look and listen at MOST kids anywhere you go you get a little sick at their mouths and attitude. I would say for those that can't tell the difference between red marks and injuries need to do a little research. I had a few red marks growing up but they DID NOT ruin my life! They just made me remember to listen to my parents so I did mot get anymore.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous big john said...

they whole key for me here is "ass beating" not back beating. the poor kid looks like he was ran over by a truck for gods sake. and it really sounds like the judge let his personal beliefs interfere with his up holding the law. don't get me wrong somtimes kids do need to be spanked. but if you kill them with the punishment then what are we teaching. also you just bring up more angry youths who see violence as somthing that is acceptable and they are more likely to use it on others weaker than them.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous big john said...

i guess since i am bigger and stronger than everyone else i never seen violence as a exceptable means of controling my children. it just seems that people don't have enough patience. i have 3 kids. and they are bad at times. but i handle it through communictaion. and if that doesn't work maybe someone should of been working with the kids earlier rather than taking action after they are a teeenager running the streets.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the lady who is confused about how we can talk about applying christianity and whipping our children- let me clear this up for you-NOT TO SOUND LIKE A PREACHER EITHER- BUT I DO KNOW THIS MUCH!

the bible says it is ok to whip your children on the butt to teach them lessons when they deserve it...(NOT ON THE BACK-ON THE BUTT!)


and hey! there is a difference between spanking and abuse! the picture we have seen are extreme looking-and as i said before the father should have handled it differently- AND WHO KNOWS?! THAT KID COULD HAVE TRIED TO BEAT HIS OWN FATHER BEFORE IT ESCALATED THE WAY THAT IT DID! WE DONT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY! IF WE'RE GOING TO SIT HERE JUDGING THE JUDE AND THE FATHER- WHO THE HELL IS JUDGING THE KID AND KIDS LIKE HIM!!! but when it comes to how the kids are acting today-they need to be "SPANKED" more often! And to those saying we just don't have patience - WELL WHO THE HELL WOULD OR SHOULD HAVE PATIENCE FOR THESE LITTLE PUNKS (whose behavior is out of control the way it is)! THEY NEED TOUGH LOVE! and if you think you have the answer come to these parents homes who are at their whitts end- yes-YOU COME deal with these punks and prove you are right if you have all the answers! i would bet money that if you went into any house that this behavior was going on and you tried to apply your approaches where the discipline is needed-i would bet that punk ass kid and his/her friends would spit in your face and they will walk all over you and your approaches just like they do to their parents! IF THEY DONT RESPECT THEIR OWN PARENTS THEY WILL CERTAINLY NOT RESPECT YOU! AND DONT YOU GO MISUNDERSTANDING ME- I AM NOT SAYING IT IS OK TO BEAT YOUR CHILD! I AM SAYING HOWEVER...THAT A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ASS WHIPPING NEVER HURT ANYONE! AND ALL THIS TALK ABOUT FEAR? WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT PUTTING FEAR INTO OUR CHILDREN BECAUSE WE SPANK THEM? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! HELL NO! THAT IS UNNACCEPTABLE TO ME!THEY SHOULD DAMN WELL HAVE FEAR IN THEM WHEN THEY DISRESPECT THEIR PARENTS! THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER! SO WHAT?!- IT IS OK FOR US TO FEAR OUR OWN KIDS?! BUT IT IS NOT OK FOR THEM FEAR US?! BULLSHIT!



3:38 PM  
Anonymous Melody said...

I have to agree this does look bad. But when you only hear one side of the story it's hard to tell what is what. I was whipped as a child with a belt, wooden spoon, mommom's (aka grandma) slipper, pappaw's (aka grandpa) hand, paddle ball paddles, fly swater and other items. But, it was done because I did something wrong.It was usually on my butt, but it did hit my thighs and back if I moved. I learned my lesson. It might have took a few times, but I got it.
Like most kids, I come from a broken home. We lived with my Mommom and Pappaw for 6 years. Then my mom moved out into our own house. My mom worked three jobs and I was 14 and left in charge of my 10 year old brother. We turned out ok. Yeah, we did what we wanted but we had limits. My mom alway made sure she knew where we were and what we were doing and with who. We were also raise respect people and their property.

Kids these days are out of control. They don't respect anyone or anything. The neighbor caught kids trying to jump my fence and swim in my pool. This could be dangerous. Parents need to control their kids a lot more. But some are afraid because they could go to jail.
Yes, Mr Smith had a DV charge among other charges. But, what is the whole story before we start tearing him, Judge Burge, Children Services, Lorain Police and Mr Will's Office apart.

4:18 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree kids today are lacking dicipline but like Bob said they shouldn't be wearing dicipline. This father crossed the line. From what I can see in the photo, this 8 year old child is dressed like a thug with his jeans pulled down past his ass. Maybe this was done for the sake of the photo but I doubt it. That alone tells me there are parenting issues, why in God's name would you allow an 8 year old to dress that way? Thats what, 2nd grade? Come on, the kid should be wearing Sesame Street attire still! From what I read the kid needed spanked but not beaten, remember this photo was taken the following day! It also sounds like he needed it much sooner than he got it. When I was growing up, Mom's didn't work and life was much simpler. We did our chores and went outside to play until the street lights came on, but Mom knew exactly where we were and who we were with. If we needed spanked Mom would do it with a wooden spoon or if it was really serious Dad had a paddle and we bent over the end of the bed. I have to admit my children were not spanked nearly as much as I was but I'm sure they would say it was effective. Today I have 3 young adult "kids" who are respectful and productive citizens. They were taught right from wrong at a young age, were not raised by the tv or by video games and I took the time to meet each friend they had and their parents! Kids don't raise themselves, and when they do this story is exactly what happens.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous I am the Walrus said...

Maybe it is just me. But those pictures turn my stomach. I can't think of anything that child could have possibly have done to deserve that beating. Children need guidelines in their formative years, ages two to five, it is then they realize the limits a parent will tolerate. Something is terribly wrong in both this child's life as well as that adult who did that beating. I think the judge did a huge diservice to both that child and that adult.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize this picture is of this kids back...but that does not look like an 8 year old to me!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe this is a picture of an 8 yr old. I work with 6-11 year olds and have not seen one with this type of physique.Is there a mistake with the picture? If this "8" year old looks like this... there has to be more to the story! I grew up with severe discipline and have made myself a better person because of it.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous James (homeboyjames) said...

Maybe he needed what was coming to him.. he doesent even look young prolly got his butt kicked at school and than came home and blamed it on his daddy...... Kids these days need that at home and maybe you wont have them shooting up shit all the time..... Geeze i could see if he was thrown through a window or something but people these days take this stuff to the extreme so many rules you cant even disaplin your kids common..... lucky i dont have kids or id be on tmc too for the same thing....

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to explain how irate and disgusted I am about this but I can tell you why. When my ex was fighting for custody of our daughter he had me arrested for domestic violence. I had had enough of the lies and games that my ex was playing with me and through my daughter so I told my daughter to call her dad to come get her. I knew once she seen the grass wasn't greener on the other side she'd be back. Anyway, my daughter wanted to wait outside for her dad but I told her no because it was dark and cold outside. She only had on pajama bottoms and a coat and she was thirteen years old at the time. Twice I told her no but she went for the door anyway. So I grabbed her wrist and pulled until her grip released from the door. In the process of pulling her back she began to trip over her bag of clothes she had packed up to take with her. So I pulled up on her arm so she wouldn't come down hard on her butt. Never yanked only pulled and used the amount of force necessary to stop her from opening the door. A week later I was arrested, at my home, and spent the night in jail. The police report said there was a slight red mark on her upper arm but it wouldn't show in a picture. I grabbed her wrist not her upper arm. Not long after that I was arrested and spent another night in jail for violating a protection order that I NEVER RECIEVED...NEVER RECIEVED...DID I MENTION THAT I NEVER RECIEVED IT!! I had called my daughter a week before her birthday to see what she wanted. It said right on the police report that I never recieved it but I had to pay a lawyer to show the prosecutor that and then it was dropped. I was also found not quilty of the domestic violence but that cost me money too. I just couldn't believe how hell bent the prosecutor was on trying to get me convicted of it. My daughter is now living with me after less then a year with her father. She told me that her dad pinched her arm really hard prior to going into the police station, he told her what to write on the police report, told her during court that if she didn't go along with what was on the police report she would go to the detention home and the prosecutor told her that if she tried to change her story she would be in big trouble. Can you imagine a thirteen year old dealing with that? I had just bought a house prior to all this and between lawyers and bonding out of jail Im on the verge of losing my home. I just can't believe some parents can use corporal punishment on their kids but other parents can't even use reasonable control on their kids. What if my daughter would have left my home and been hurt or worse? Would I have been in trouble then? Probably not! I personally think our system sucks and I'm tired of people in such positions of authority deciding the fate of citizens because of their beliefs, mood at the particular moment and/or agenda. I've had so many cops tell me they never would have tried to make a case of this-even if I had drug her clear to her room. My guess is that my ex either knew this cop or the cop is just a complete idiot who probably doesn't even have children.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I have an 8 and a 16yr old son and this picture looks more to me like my 16 yr old son.

As for the judge being in the right! Are you crazy? to say that is was OK for the father to BEAT his son like this? What was it so bad that he had done to get this type on punishment? I agree with discipline of a child but one that fits the crime, but what is it that made the father this mad as to leave marks on his back at that. I agree a spanking may have been needed and I also agree some kids these days need to be more well disciplined to a bigger degree, But I also agree that parents do not pay enough attention to their children or praise them enough. Not by buying them things or leaving them at home because the child wants to be left at home, but by telling them how good they did today and how proud they are of them and better yet even telling them that they love their child. I'm sure if you go to any school and ask a child how often their parents tell them they love them, you would be overwhelmed by how many parents don't tell their child they love them and are proud of them. There is so much negativity and fighting in front of our children that thats the only way they know how to act, we teach our children this is how it is.

As for this father and this whole story... When the father wold have been picked up for MURDER trust me all of the people reading this and replying to this would be so totally against what actions the father took toward his 8 yr old son! So for all you who agree on what the father did and how he did, next time there is a story on abuse and death of a child, think of this story that you all agreed on and that it was OK for the father to take this action.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just shocked. Shocked at the pictures. Shocked at the judge. Shocked that a large number of readers are saying " beat their asses". Shocked that bloggers feel the need to go on and on and on about their horrible lives, crazy neighbors and bad family members??????
If those pictures do not constitute child abuse, I would like to know what does?? This is an 8 year old child, not "the enemy". I can't imagine how "out of control" an 8 year old could be to get this type of punishment? What adult cannot rationally deal with an 8 year old? I would best guess a father who has a criminal history showing he can't control his anger!!
I feel like I am watching some horror movie, where the victim gets away from the killer, only to be caught and brought back again. I am so distraught to think that all of the education children are given about reporting abuse, just went down the drain. I am so distraught to think of the courage it took this little guy to tell on his father, his one chance to get out of that hell hole, was wasted on some judges mental incompetence.
Beating a child does NOT teach them anything except HATE. When did we stop teaching love, respect and empathy????

3:51 AM  

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