Friday, August 24, 2007


This is what one Gold Card member of TMC NEWS asked when he called the news tip line this morning asking why the buses would park on West Ave instead of the designated bus parking area. We were told that cars traveling northbound on West Ave had to go into the southbound lane to get around the buses. We sent our Chief Photographer out to check into the situation and he found 4 First Student buses parked on the street directly behind the High School and 3 more parked on the street between 6th and 7th Street indeed causing traffic to go into oncoming traffic in order to get around the buses.

The Elyria City Schools had a district staff meeting at the high school today that is why all the buses were there. However, our calls to the school to explain the parking situation were unanswered. We did receive a response from First Student Vice President Brad Tate out of Cincinnati, he said that he was told a lead bus had mechanical problems and that caused a bottle neck on the street. Tate said that the traffic problem was certainly not done on purpose and they apologize for any problems it may have caused.

Just another example of TMC NEWS answering questions from our Gold Card members.

We were going to say, TMC NEWS, On Your Side, but someone already took that line.


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