Thursday, January 25, 2007


Elyria Fire Department, while responding to an alarm activation on Olive Street, received a report of a working fire at Parker Hannifin on Ternes. Assistant Chief Ron Brlas said that at that point he had Engine 2, the Engine who handles the Olive Street district; continue to the alarm while the rest responded to Parker Hannifin. β€œWhen we arrived we found that we had an industrial building, approximately 30,000 square feet that was fully charged with smoke. We were informed by the plant manager that two workers were still unaccounted for.”

Firefighters began laying attack lines from the north end of the building and found the fire to be in a dust collector approximately 20 feet off the ground. β€œThe fire appeared to be contained to this unit, so we let the fire go and decided that ventilation was more important. Working with the plant manager we activated six large ceiling fans that helped draw the smoke from the building. It was about this time that the two missing workers were located safely on the exterior.”

After visibility improved, Firefighters disassembled the dust collector and finished extinguishing the fire.

The damage estimate for the building was $40,000.


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